Kush Racing Tuning Division (Rosh Goi Special Vehicle Team)

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    Kush Racing (Banned)

    The Rosh Goi Special Vehicle Team is the new tuning division of the Kaleidoscopic Ultra Sonic Hustlers. The worlds of auto racing and Gran Turismo are always changing and the industry must hustle at ultra sonic speeds to remain competitive. KUSH Racing has always been up to the challenge on the track, and we are now taking our skill set into the garage for Gran Turismo 6.

    The Gran Turismo series has given us countless opportunities to race at so many different levels in many ways with a variety of different automobiles. Everyone drives differently and may have separate goals in mind, so feel free to make minor tweaks to any of these tunes to fit your driving style.

    All tunes will be completed using both Sony's DS3 controller and Logitech's DFGT Wheel; and all are always tuned with assists (Driving Options) turned off, except for ABS 1.
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    Kush Racing (Banned)

    Current Automotive Lineup:

    No cars have been released.
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    Kush Racing (Banned)

    Vehicles in the works...

    Lotus Elise '11
    Ferrari 458 Italia
    Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary

    More to come in the future...

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
    Cadillac CTS-V Coupe
    Ford Focus ST ’13
    Stingray (C7)
    Ferrari GTO
    Pagani Huayra
    Nissan GT-R
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    Kush Racing (Banned)

    Tips & Tricks from the good people at Kush Racing.

    Information will soon be available.

    GT6 has been released!!!

    :bowdown: Gran Turismo 6
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    Good luck!