Lap Consistency Tryout

Discussion in 'Enthusia' started by Matej, Nov 19, 2020.

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    This is little something I came up with after reading a forum discussion on lap times and consistency. Feel free to join in for a quick run to test your skills anytime, we're doing this casually. :)

    Okay, so the idea is to measure your consistency in-between your laps, rather than actual speed. So any car on any track can do, as long as your laps stay as close to each other as possible.

    We'll be using a simple formula - add up all the laps together and divide them with the number of laps ran to get an average lap. That average lap you then divide with the fastest lap from all the laps you ran. The result is a percentage of how consistent you were. Use time trial since it gives you a recap of all the laps you have done. If you need a help with the math, convert everything to milliseconds.

    I ran 10 laps around Tsukuba Wet in the Jag XJR SC and got 95,99%, which is okay, but one lap I messed up because my concentration was starting to wear off cost me around 2 percent.

    And remember, turn off the ghost car! That's a cheat you don't want. ;)
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    I still roll my eyes whenever I see that challenge in S License lol. Will give it a shot though! Definitely not expecting fireworks but it'll be interesting to see where I stand