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    Ok. I know this is an old topic and an old debate. But every time I come across this competition it determines a some days stop in my Gran Turismo games only because of how nervous I get trying to win that race.
    Everyone here knows what's the problem: that Gt40, that 300+ hp piece of LeMans craftmanship of the 60s, a car that, fully modded, can compete with late 90s prototypes, and which must be beaten with something under 295 horsepower. Produced until the 70s, if one wants to follow the "Historic Cup" name.
    I remember, back some 12 years ago, losing against the GT40 with an RX-7 and coming to the point of hating the game and not playing it for weeks. In more modern days, I fought that car with a Delta, and I beat the dust as well.
    But that would be acceptable. Being destroyed by a cheater car 90% of the times you enter this race would be tolerable. The problem is, things seems to change in an ironical way everytime you change or modify your car in order to be GT40-competitive.
    With this game I started some days ago, I bought a Toyota GT2000 to try that 295hp race, almost stock, only fitted with a stage-1 turbo (200Hp circa) and sports tyres. It was more than enough to keep any Stratos at a decent distance, and the same for old Skylines and such cars. But, with my car completing the race in 3'30, I was 8 to 10 seconds slower than required.
    I entered the race 5 times. Five. For five times I started, got the lead, made three corners, and then leave the leadership to the unbeatable Ford. Everytime I was like "Ok, another try, it won't be there". But it was. Not 2 or 3 Gt40's, only one, that only one just enough to prevent my car from getting that gold prize (or silver, considering GT graphics).
    After 5 times, I finally decided to upgrade the Toyota, and decided to do so in such a way that even the GT40 would be easily humiliated. I installed pretty much everything on the car, I race-modified it, I even bought the totally unuseful carbon tree and the so-called triple-disc clutch, even if it's a 5 gears with decently long ratios and I didn't need to change gears any often.
    So I fitted the car with everry possible part and entered the race. At second lap in the test I went 14 seconds faster than I had gone before. Even the first lap with start from null speed was about 6 seconds faster than the best lap before.
    I entered the race confident and ready to teach that GT40 a lesson it would remember for years, and... no GT40 in the grid. Heard them laughing of my 200'000 credits expense on the GT2000, which only gave back 7...
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