Le Mans 24h A spec

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  1. Daviek


    Well I had great intentions of writing a proper report on my first attempt at anything longer than a few hours but as im now at 17:28 into the race that wont be happening :)

    As for the race its been pretty boring as you'd imagine 24 hours is a bloody long time. To help pass time id make up some games like trying to spin the other cars or seeing how far I could knock cones down the track or treat some sections like a drift course, each to their own I suppose.

    The first 16 hours were all rain but at about 16:15 after a couple of false starts it started to dry out, took me about 8-10 laps to settle into dry running after so long in the wet.

    I was going to do the race in one of the old group C cars or something like it but when waiting for my bonus to get to 200% I test ran the cars I wanted to use and to be honest as much as I wanted to use my Toyota 88c or the Sauber I found that the 908 was so much easier to live with and as much as I was hoping to use an old LMP I knew that 24 hours with a temperamental car would drive me nuts.

    One thing I noticed during the first bit of the race though was that inters seemed to be better than full wets even at 100% rain
    Anyway better go as I have half a tank of fuel left and im about asleep
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  2. von Stiefel

    von Stiefel

    Lol, yes. It can be a bit of a bore.
    Therefore, this six-month or so I've been attempting the 24H in the Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro sports car, on sorts soft tires. At 594 performance points, practically NO driver aids and NO crashes accepted.
    I am certainly in no danger of falling asleep. I once made it to lap 86 before I crashed into a barrier.

    Perhaps it's become a bore anyway.
  3. Ninners


    United Kingdom
    My only attempt at this race went well, I was using a detuned R10 with ballast on too, I was about 0.6 slower than the A.I per lap, however my sleek work in the pits put my in the lead by 30seconds after 5 hours, but then I was told I had been given a drive in an event on GT5, so I had to leave it, I had reached darkness by the time I quit.