League, Randoms or Private Lobbies?

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    What would you say is the best route to take with this?

    Okay, who hasn't gone nuts on need for speed online etc, but, i'm not the type of person to take that mentality to the grid in PCars. I am starting to realise, that if you do not get a good qualifying round in online, then you suffer the fools at the rear. I know this is an age old argument. But with no time to join a league because of work, would you say my best route is to build up some racing friends on here and hope to be invited to some private lobbies in the future?

    I am sick of people driving full speed into my rear when i've braked sufficiently for a corner. This is not the type of game for that idiocy. But what choice do i have not being in a league? i enjoy the element of competing against others. Knowing the guy in front is putting his best in, and you are doing the same behind.you can't beat the realistic element of putting 5-10 laps in behind someone with no contact. Unfortunately, it rarely happens vice verca. I live in hope with each green flag.
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    Your best bet is probably to try and find some guys on here to race with but you can also find some good guys in public lobbies, a lot of people are usually looking for clean racing and the majority of the time if you just tell them you're trying to add some people to race cleanly with then they're open to it and you can soon get a good sized group to race with.

    My best racing experiences online have been with a group on GT6 who had all just added each other through public lobbies until we got about 8 people and then hosted our own public lobbies where dirty drivers would be kicked and soon the lobby would often be filled with regulars where you didn't have to worry about the guy behind not using their brakes.