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    Hey guys, this is a simple review thread. Enjoy :)

    Ferrari 458 Competizione


    Now a while back I tried (and failed) to make a 458 one make race series, so I made a base car. A prototype of the specs (1300kg and 600 bhp with full aero allowed) so in light of the tyre options (RM and RH) it had to find a balance between grip on both tyres.

    I decided to shake it down at Monza where it did a 1:31.361 on the Option tyres. Now for the driving experience.

    It simply darts between corners with a surge of horsepower propelling little weight, it is simply monstrously quick on the straights for its PP, the 0-62 was in the low 3 seconds, nearly Aventador territory! Then you get to the business of turning; is it an X2010 or a Prius in the bends? It's neither. It's a tuned 458 with aero pushing down on the body, and the tyres giving masses of grip. No oversteer and very little understeer in tighter corners, just a sense of racecar cornering speed, and a vice-like grip on the Tarmac. It shortens straights and straightens corners. Sorry Vauxhall :D

    Now to put it against something a little more... Extreme. The Lamborghini LP-700-4 Aventador. It's 4wd, mid-engine, V12, awesome power and relatively low weight for its size. The Aventador is off! Faster on the straight; first corner is understeery; missed the apex and hit the edge of the sand trap. Oh dear! The big bad Bull is really quite bad on here; the corners aren't that great, and you really have to work the weight balance and hold the slide; or you're off. You're probably off anyway to be honest. Unless you're good (unlike me...)

    Now, for the looks. The Bull is (cliché alert) extreme, and looks like it was styled after a jet fighter which has been hacked to death with an axe. Angular. Now for the 458, it's science with a hint of art; the racing mods make it look more masculine, and it has presence even against the Bull. The badges of the cars say it all; the Lamborghini is aggressive and extreme. The Ferrari is sleek, athletic and purposeful; how it should do.

    I'm kinda enjoying this drive. And the noise. A soulful... Neigh to the Lambo's more aggressive... Moo... I haven't thought that analogy through.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this, and feel free to leave suggestions for my next review, or reviews of my review below!