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  1. Legro


    Okay I already have over 700 posts, mostly in Cars in general and Motorsport forum, but I didn't notice a place for this before.

    How did you find GTPlanet?
    For the first I was looking for price cars for GT4 and this site was first I found what I was looking for. Then I forgot this place for a year, but found it again, because I was looking for GT6 news.
    Where are you from?
    Finland, southern part of it. It's really cold here.
    When did you start playing the Gran Turismo games?
    At the age of 8 I got GT4 and PS2 as a present from my parents.
    Do you play with a steering wheel?
    Yes G27.
    What other games do you enjoy?
    Grid Autosport, Dirt 3, Burnout Paradise, and some other.
    What are you most looking forward to doing in the community, now that you're a part of this site?That's very hard question. Well at least I hope to learn some more English language.

    Here's a bit of my real life racing. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/legros-car-thread-racing-mini.315909/
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  2. Diver9543


    United States
    Well Legro, it is better late than never. Hello from Oklahoma! ;)