Let's discuss economics in GT Sport, and potentially in a future game.

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First-off, I strongly believe that the reason why the random prize car system returned in GT Sport (after a ~16 year absence since GT3) is connected to the more streamlined/curated car list, especially the list at launch.

I think in a future game, I would greatly prefer to see prize cars that have a shared motif with the event like we've seen in the past, (and especially the GT6 ability to pick the prize car's color!) but I also think there could be a way to combine random prize cars with "motif-ed" prize cars in a future title. More specifically, I think there could be a pool of random prize cars for some events, wherein the prize cars still share a motif with the event, as opposed to the prize car being potentially any car in the game. The pool could wildly vary in size depending on what you'd be receiving it for. Though I suppose it'd really need to depend on the list of events and the car list in a given title.

But if we used the 1.19 version of GT Sport as an example, I would say that under my model, some events would have prize car pools simply based on what was eligible for the event, and others could be a bit more specific. For example, the prize car for the Porsche Cup Endurance could be the 911 RSR. Another example would be the potential prize cars I had in mind for the Amateur League VGT Trophy: The Citroen GT by Citroen Road Car, the Mercedes-Benz VGT, the Peugeot L500R 2017 VGT, and the Daihatsu VGT. I picked the former two since they're arguably the "first VGTs," and the latter two since they're VGTs but not ones that the player could use to cheese future events. Similarly, for the VGT Trophy Plus, I'd have the Mercedes-Benz VGT Racing Series, the Citroen GT by Citroen Race Car Gr.3, the Hyundai VGT Gr.X, and the Bugatti VGT Gr.X; the former two are upgrades of their respective cars, and the latter two are what I'd say are the first VGTs to debut in GT Sport, as they were not in public builds of GT6.

Overall, I think it'd be too hard to try to assign "motif-ed" prize cars with the current car list and events, even though the game has expanded a lot overall. I'm more or less fine with this for the time being, but I think in the next title, I think "semi-random" prize cars could be a decent idea, especially if you can pick the color/livery/etc. upon receiving like in GT6. (Honestly, I think less people would mind the random prize cars here in Sport if you could still pick the color.) I do recall that GT3 did sort of have this system, but there were a lot of times where a car didn't really fit into a given prize quartet given GT3's comparatively shorter car list at the time.


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Afaik you can change the color on the Scirocco Gr.4 upon winning it.

I agree with what you say, but I think a more feasible solution would be to have random cars with different categories. Say mondays are Gr.4, tuesdays Gr.3 and so on.

And of course prize cars in the events you partake, giving a specific set of cars to win to the next event in the list, a la GT5/6 like you said. :)
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As frustrating to me as it was in GT3, I'd prefer the carousel after each race. So many times I raced the oval event, to get every colour for the TOM'S X540. Just to get those 4 colors, took ages.
Then, PD give us the Used Car Dealership to make it worse.

GTS does good with prize cars in the Missions, but what about those that just want to jump in and race?
Maybe the way Project Cars 2's Career mode could work. You are given choices of low tier classes to choose from. There you complete a Championship and work your way up to a more challenging series or you can stay where you are in a preferred series.

The way GT_ could work is, pick your Sponsored Championship Manufacturer as per normal. Which car you pick, gains you entry into the Campaign races.
Example: pick the Mustang Gr. 3/Gr.4 cars. That grants access to the Beginner Gr. 4 events. Pick a Mustang GT road car and it grants access to the Beginner Sunday Cup.

I feel if a player signs with a Manufacturer and gets all those cars for Free, a player could practically move about the game without buying a car. Also, while accumulating Cr., players have a choice to buy right away. Rather than wait for a contract to expire.
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They could do this pretty easily by going back to the ticket system from GT5. They could just have tickets for each category, year, country, make, etc.


I think most people would want to go back to the $50mil limit on GT6.

Also in the old game the seasonals racked up $900,000 in the professional challenges given then you can rack up the 5x multiplier after 5 days login.

They should be doing something along those lines too?

I feel like they do some new concepts but they drag a lot of older tired ideas for no reason other than tradition.
There should not be any prize cars or even a credit system. All cars should be available from the first time you load, this whole gimmick is asinine.

Exactly. Maybe in a career mode you unlock higher groups of cars by winning or placing in the top 3 or whatever. But for random race and online all the cars should be available immediately.

Credit system will always be abused by people who get the game early and find a hole to exploit and then the rest of the players have to grind.
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I think they should make a system similar to Driveclub's, in which you unlock some cars every time you level up.
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There should not be any prize cars or even a credit system. All cars should be available from the first time you load, this whole gimmick is asinine.
There was potential to do that with this game. A new chapter. After playing PC1&2, it's the best thing in a racing game.

PD should made two modes. Reason being, they gift you two cars, of your choosing, for the FIA Cups. You can then choose different cars when contracts expire.
Keeping the Campaign Mode as the Career, players could then play Gran Turismo, traditionally. Things haven't worked out this way, but we'll see for the next game.