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    hey everybody, im new to this forum and im also new to drifting

    ok so basically id like some suggestions on what you think i am doing wrong or what you think i should try to to point me into the right direction in correcting this problem of mine

    ok so ive got first gear doughnuts down pretty good, tight and wide circles, i got my steering and throttle down pretty good too so i can maintain this drift as long as i want without correction from clutch kicking or e braking

    1. first question is what is higher speed drifting like?, besides the initiation is maintaining the drift essentially the same as maintaining it in a doughnut...

    ive done second gear runs and stuff but this is where i have the problems mostly with entry

    ive tried feint drifting as well as clutch kicking from second gear, sometimes i get the drift going ok and the exit is somewhat bad...i figured out that i need to start straightening it out a bit sooner and keep on the gas at the end

    now my biggest problem is with intitiation...i ususally get too much rotation and spin out

    2. is this because im giving it too much initiation force i.e. trying to hard..?
    3.am i not countersteering fast enough and spinning out because im allowing the end to come out too fast?

    other times i dont initiate hard enough and get insane understeer usually save it but after i ran into a fence i decided that im gonna stick to the track and try to figure out what my problem is...

    any input on what you think im doing wrong or have initiation or offer how you corrected similar problems for youself that would be great!!!
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    Drifting in GT4 is incredibly tough...much tougher than any other Gran Turismo. I can't really profess to be any good at drifting in GT4, cant' really help much, but I just wanted to let you know it's not easy in this game.

    I find using cheaper tires works, on those few occasions that I do manage a few half-decent drifts. I also find that dumbing up the front-end helps. This means making the front-end less grippy.

    The main problem with GT4 is when we try to maintain drifts, and try to make the front-end go full-opposite lock, it will grip massively instead. Then the front-end SNAPS BACK and the car usually goes into a spin.. :mad: It can be incredibly frustrating.

    Anyways, that's my advice. Hope some of it works for ya.