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  1. captainradi

    Jordan Amman, Jordan

    I've never been a fan of b-spec but heard its the easiest way to get the Red Bull. So I played an average (not hot or cool) bob through b-spec (some 400pp 500pp 650pp seasonals for lvl) and I got a real nice driver!!

    Then when I unlocked Endurance (I never read into it before) I realized I needed to back him up with some drivers, I got 3 lvl 0 bobs to back him up. went into the 300km race first, original bob and 1 lvl 0 bob drove twice each and 2 lvl 0 bobs drove once. Used GT-R '07

    I got bob from lvl 25 -> lvl 25.75
    noob bob 1 lvl 0 -> lvl 19
    noob bob 2 lvl 0 -> lvl 13
    noob bob 3 lvl 0 -> lvl 13

    Does that seem fair?? I mean it took alot of hard work to get him to lvl 25 and some noob is half way there already

    also my new lvl 19 drives "much much worse" than my original bob did when he was lvl 19, would anyone know why?
  2. GraphiteGB


    Not all drivers are created equal...

    Unless you try to cycle the driver stats when you created bob you will get different stats for each driver.
  3. captainradi

    Jordan Amman, Jordan

    sure, but I mean their stats are really close to each other, i mean when they were same lvl, what gives? does more races count? or is exp only measured in lvl?
  4. GraphiteGB


    Close to each other Does not count All bars Need to be exactly the same as each other on each driver or they are not the same for the driver.
    The 3 top stats are combined to make the drivers max performance.
    When all 3 are reduced by any margin from the best possible driver you will amplify the gap in performance.
    There is no training once the stats were selected at level zero they were set on a course till retired. Leveling up Gives a fixed amount to each part of the driver stats. nothing you do can change it. Its set in stone.
  5. captainradi

    Jordan Amman, Jordan

    wow thanks! seems that you know enough about bobs.if you can help me with this? what are the stars in the bottom that say prize?
  6. GraphiteGB


    If you mean On your driver stat page they are a quick reference guide for how much your driver has currently earned in remote racing.
    There circles when highlighted.

    Q: What do the three lights on my B-Spec drivers profile mean?
    A: The three lights indicate how many credits your online driver has accumulated. Zero lights means the driver has no rewards, one light means the driver has earned 1-49,999 credits, two lights means the driver has earned 50,000-199,999 credits and three lights means he has earned more than 200,000 credits. See the topic below.

    FAQ for remote racing can be found here.. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=183744
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  7. BMWM52012

    Zimbabwe probably not

    I don't know a whole bunch about them, but your original bob has a bunch of experience because you have used him in all the b-spec races you did leading up to this race. The experience of the lvl 0 bobs was at 0 throughout the entire race, (I'm pretty sure bob exp is based on # of races??). That might explain the bad driving, but I'm not entirely sure what effect experience value has on a bobs' driving.
  8. Bob level is based on miles driven and the qualifiers (pp) of the car as far as I can tell, so yes, I would think a 0 Bob could get to 10 in one race in endurance. Whats the problem with that?
  9. LanEvoVIII


    I ran a lvl 0 Bob in a 24 hour race, mixed him in my a few lvl 30s, he went from 0 to 25. It happens, and that is how he went up, it depends on how much mileage and the cars/racing level they run, plain as that.