License test A-5

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by Kboys71, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Kboys71


    if anyone has tips to get license test A-5 gold, any tips at all, can you please share them? I've tried this test 500+ times and I can't get this test gold. I am asking for any tips you can think of, from when I should be turning, how I should turn, how I should hit the buttons, or what camera angle i should use. it would be a big help!
  2. Meesbaker


    It is very simple actually. I recently recorded a speedrun of this game and I just got gold on this one on the fly. If you like to see it just watch the video in my thread I made here about it at 13:50.

    All you have to do is breaking and turning in considerably earlier than you normally would on this type of corner. Do not try to steer late and go wide around the apex but just jump over those curbes in the middle so you can open the gas right away. Using a realistic ideal line will always get you car carried out of the corner and drift.

    Steer early, steer+brake, but dont steer hard and take the corner close.
  3. richard918


    All I can say is, remember to enter the corner at a slower speed which will allow you to exit at a decent speed. F1 legend Jacky Stewart once said 'slow in, fast out'. I tried it and it does work. Good luck