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    Produced by Rocket R & D Limited in 2007 after initial production in the 90s, the 2007 LCC Rocket was one of new-to-GT6 cars that caught attention and a both career and online favorite thanks to it's light weight. Expect many replica 50s/60s F1 liveries applied on this car.

    Dimensions: 3518 mm x 1600 mm x 914 mm
    Engine: Yamaha FJ1000 I4 1070cc
    Power: 174 hp (N200)
    Weight: 390kg/860lb

    If imbuing the stratospheric performance of a racing machine to a road going car is the ultimate goal in designing a sports car, then the Rocket, manufactured by the Light Car Company, has come close to perfection. Designed by Gordon Murray of McLaren F1 fame, the cigar-shaped silhouette that houses a mid-mounted engine is reminiscent of F1 machines of the late 1950s. This is the era when, ironically, racing machines and road-going sports cars started to part ways in terms of design.

    Gordon Murray has always stressed a low center of gravity and light overall weight as the essential ingredients in a proper sports car, and the Rocket is a shining example of his principles. It weighs less than 400 kg in its standard form, thanks in part to a steel tube space frame, like Formula 1 cars of the past, which is covered by a fiberglass cowling. At first glance, the design appears to be monoposte, but it is actually a two-seater, allowing its occupants to sit in tandem, like on a motorcycle. However, when a passenger occupies the rear seat, there is no luggage space whatsoever.

    A 4-cylinder Yamaha FJ1000 motorcycle engine sits behind the cockpit, mounted horizontally along with the transmission that features sequential shifting. It provides enough power to help the lightweight vehicle achieve motorcycle-like acceleration times, and its agile nature would give the world's best supercars fits around the racetrack. On the road or track, this vehicle more than lives up to its name and serves as a tribute to the golden age of racing.

    Disclaimer: I don't know if the titling is correct for cars that's already premium in GT6, but not yet in GT Sport.
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    No need for "[GT Sport]" in car name
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    A deceased car: Voted.
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    It's a fun little car for sure and I'd be glad to see it again. However, you might want to fix that title tankuroded. ;)
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    I just wanna say it's "Light Car Company" not "Light Company Car". You even wrote (I assume copy-pasted) it in the post, so, you wouldn't mind fixing the title right?