Lighting that you can breathe in and feel

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    first place

    GT sports lighting is so easy on the eye. It's like I'm mesmerised. I sat there for a good 10-15 mins watching attract-mode and didn't realise how much time went by.

    The lighting is beautiful, not stale like many other racers. There's a warmth to the lighting that makes you want to look with more detail because it's so easy on the eye.

    I own project cars 2 (which looks amazing), but i don't get as much pleasure watching replays as I do in gtsport. I think the sounds are brilliant. I also found my self enjoying the music, it's very diverse.

    Overall I'm impressed. Yes they could've add a campaign with a years worth of content, but if they did that then everyone would play campaign and the sport mode will get used less and there would be less competition. I'm glad they focus on the sport mode/career.

    The best thing I like about sport mode is if you drive around with sportsmanship and don't ram other cars, your rewarded. You can basically come last in every race but as long as you show sportsmanship you level up.... it's great. Its great trying to overtake someone safely as well, it's so fun.

    Great purchase. :)
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    I agree at 1000 % :)
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    I’ve played racing games of all types since the early 80’s, and all that had replays I just skipped past them.
    Playing the beta last week I sat and enjoyed the replays for the first time ever
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    Gran Turismo is the king of racing! : )
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    first place

    True. It's very addictive
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