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    Well, hello all. On here I'll be posting the tracks I've created. There will be no replicas of world circuits though. Only tracks with the purpose of being fun/interesting race tracks.
    at the moment I'll post my recent ones, as they are the best for competition.

    Currently all of them are still WIP, and would gladly accept criticism, be it either constructive or just "contemporany" :v

    I didn't add description on the older ones, so I'll do this here. also bear in mind i'm bad with creating good track names.!/friend/Lilium_55/course/

    1st one is my latest one. Thought for racing cars, the track itself ir pretty nice.
    as you can read the description, it has alot of elevation changes. I would really be glad with feedback on this one, so see if i should try to flatten out the elevation a bit, or keep it as they are. they do surely challenge the control you have over the car. But let me know if it just too broken.

    2nd one is one I really liked. Thought for everyday cars/ cars tunned out to around 550pp, and to be a quickly laped track, it has alot of inclinations, and they fit well to add the track a more tecnical aproach. This one is pretty much finished. quite happy with how it turned out. will still accept all the opinions and consider it though

    3rd one is a nice, wide track to race on. You can race any kind of thing with wheels on it, though for snails it might be too long. Racing schwimwaggens here would be a bit drowzy.
    It has a slump/jump on the second straight, that i'm thinking of removing. was just testing it out as jumps were made available thanks to the insight of many of you in this place.
    also on the last corner, it has a sudden drop. opinions feedback on it would be apreciated.

    Last one for this batch is one also though for everyday cars, and racong on mid ranged cars. nothing too powerfull. Key racing per example, proved to be quite funny.

    It has a a jump on second straight that lands well, and 2 more slumps thoughout the track
    It has slight inclinations of some corers, and fits perfectly for the radius most of times

    For the moment that«'s it

    I still have 5 tracks that i still have to get out of the TPE, and test it out to make some tweeks and upload.

    For those who test it out, I hope you enjoy it. that the important part.

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