Limit in Amount of Tuning Setups

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    I was customizing a car last night, and when I tried to save a setup I created, the game gives me a message saying I had "too many files saved of this type". Not believing what I was seeing, I looked this up and found several threads on complaining about it.

    So apparently, you can only have up to 300 tuning setups saved. There is also a limit on how many photos and even paint jobs you can have as well. This applies to Forza 5 too.

    What I want to know is why the:censored:do these limits exist in the first place? Serious question. And for a game like this that has 200+ cars, it's simply impractical.

    Honestly, this is a huge blow to my enjoyment of the game. I love car customizing in racing games because it can add a huge amount of replay value. Especially in Forza's case where you can save tuning setups as well as do engine, aspiration, and drivetrain swaps, something few other racing games let you do. It's fun experimenting and comparing setups. And if you like downloading tuning setups from other people, you will no doubt hit this limit in no time at all.

    I'm 99% sure the original Horizon didn't have this limit, as many of my cars in that game had upgrade setups for different classes. But regardless, this should not be a thing at all. I really hope Microsoft and Turn 10, whoever is responsible, eliminates this ridiculous problem in Forza 6.

    I'm thinking of some work arounds, but regardless of what I do, it will involve manually upgrading my cars every time, which is a huge pain since the game likes to momentarily freeze whenever you equip a part. I'm going to spend more time equipping parts than actually racing.

    I was going to make a post about this in the glitches and disappointment thread, but I decided to make a thread as a heads up so no one else learns about this the hard way.
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    The picture limit (60 I believe) is even worse.
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