Lion's Den Performance 1968 GTO B500

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Paulie LDP
G'day folks, my name is Paul and I'm here to introduce my garage to the realm of Forza, Lion's Den Performance. For years I've been tuning vehicles in a certain other game, to much praise from countless people. With FM4 just around the bend and the in depth tuning options and vehicles at my disposal in Forza, I've made the expansion, dipping my toes in the water with FM3 to test the temperatures and become accustomed. My first creation is the LDP '68 GTO, tuned to B500 specs, I'm really hoping to get some feedback on my first forray into creating a car on Forza. Based on my own lap times, a 1'06.3 at Camino Viejo and a mid 1'48 at Le Sarthe Bugatti circuit, the pace compares well to that of some friends who've been playing FM3 for years. So come on down to the shop, pick up my GTO and let me know how it goes.:D

You can find me on XBL, username "Paulie LDP".
Ok thanks if you ever feel like it please look at my request on your GT5 tuning thread.

Yeah I saw it. It's just that with Forza set up and still no Fanatec CSR, it's a real bugger to get my G25 set up again. Once I've got my Fanatec CSR I won't have to touch anything because it'll connect to the 460 wirelessly and to the PS3 via USB, it'll just be a case of pushing the power button I want.:D