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I have over 800 custom liveries - and they are custom liveries, not just paint. Haven't quite figured out how to paste them here but I imagine I log in to GT Planet on my PS and use the web browser to upload from my gallery. I'll try this shortly and see if it works. If there is a better way, I would love to hear it.

In the meantime search "iflowboy" in the Discover section under car livery and you will find a lot. I do mainly fantasy liveries (but no silly anime) and I have done some Australian race car replica's but not many - as I would rather create my own using my own ideas.

I have also got a YouTube Channel and myself and a good mate - jon-nic have made quite a lot of videos on liveries and livery creation. jon-nic has done a huge amount of Australian race car liveries and his quality is first class so you might want to search for "jon-nic" in Discover as well.

If anyone has any questions on livery design, feel free to post here I am not the worlds best expert on the Livery Editor tool but with over 800 liveries under my belt I know the tool and techniques you can use pretty well. I am not sure how frequently I'll check this form thread but imagine I'll get email notifications when someone posts a comment, so hopefully I'll respond fairly quickly - or anyone else in the thread will. Cheers and thanks for reading/joining etc.
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If you don’t have a usb stick to transfer your images onto your computer / phone, you can do what I do when I need to transfer photos quickly from my ps4.

- I just send the photos to myself from my playstation (different acc), and then I open the ps app and save the image from there.

Unless you mean the link to the liveries, then just sign in to your ps profile on and grab the link from there.
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I do scapes pics of all my liveries, share them publicly in my gallery, then save the full res pic to my phone or PC and post them in these forums.