Livery Creator not saving

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hello, is anyone else having problems with saving newly created liveries. I have tried overwriting an existing or creating a new save and it just sits there spinning with 0% and 'Rendering' on screen. has anyone else had this and what can I do to fix it? Thanks in advance
I've had this happen on and off since release but it's been much worse lately.

Any livery I make, no matter how simple, is just a complete gamble whether it saves or gets stuck at rendering. And upon restart, the car just refuses to load in GT Auto, like it's been corrupted.

And sometimes I've also had problems where after a livery is saved and applied to a car, I go back to GT Auto after a race for an oil top up only to have the car be stuck spinning at 0% rendering.

It's beyond frustrating.
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