Livery Editor suggestion (Special Colors on Decals, paint separate parts in Carbon, more paint options for rims, etc.)

I don't know if this has been previously suggested or not, and since I don't feel like going through every single post concerning GT7, I'll just post my thoughts here, simple as that.

Here are my suggestions for the Gran Turismo 7 Livery Editor.
1. Currently, when painting your car in carbon you are unable to paint any other separate part of the car (i.e. the rear wing) in any different color (to paint any other part, as of now, you'll be forced to use decals) - so, make it possible to put other colors on whatever parts of the car you want to while still keeping the carbon color, and also make it possible to paint a specific part of the car in carbon (i.e. the rear wing).
2. Since it is possible to have carbon rims in real life, make it possible to paint your rims in carbon.
3. Since it is possible to paint various parts of a rim in different colors, make it possible to paint more than just one part of a rim. (Look at the rim painting options in Need For Speed: Heat, for example.)
4. Make it possible to use Special Colors on a decal - meaning, make it possible to use a Special Color, such as carbon, candy metallic, matte or chrome on a decal. More color options for decals please!

That's it for me. Thank you for reading and have a great day!
I'd like to add:

Being able to paint each part of the car (i.e. body 1, body 2, rear wing, etc.) separately from the get go without first having to apply a paint colour to the entire car.

This way we'd be able to recolour only, say, the body of the car or the hood without losing details like plastic/carbon trim on most cars. For example, you can't repaint the McLaren F1 without also being forced to paint the diffuser. Why? You also can't reapply the carbon fibre texture back to the diffuser because the livery editor doesn't let you mix carbon and normal paints.

Or failing that, a "restore original paint" function for each paintable region. It's already available for painted wheels and for the overall car paint, just give us the option to do the same per individual part.
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