LM Series Race 1. GVS; Brought to you by Shemview

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"A beautiful, sunny day at Grand Valley Speedway brings the first of this five part Le Mans race car challenge brought to you live by Shemview, the number one in drunken performance"

"That's right, Tom, we certainly have a show for the fans today, oh boy!"

"You're certainly right, Mike, no doubt newcomer Seamus McShem will be battling it out for at least a podium finish on his début in the series, here at GVS."

"I hope you're right about that. The fans came here today expecting big things from this guy, ranked a level 37 by the A-Spec officials and making his first run here in that bright yellow RX-7 LM Race car."


"The main car to look out for this afternoon will be the Pagani Zonda which qualified in P1, I'm sure it'll offer plenty of challenges for McShem who's starting out way down the back of the grid there in last position due to last minute gearbox adjustments to measure up on this circuit."


"As the cars line up on the grid for the start of this five lap sprint, headed by the Zonda, here's how the pack stands from the starting line..."

"At the back of the pack we have the RX-7 LM of McShem behind the FTO who trails the NSX to the RX-7. Ahead of them are the RX-8, 350 the XJ220 and the GT by Citroen. Heading up the grid are the Camaro, GT and the GT Spec II lead by the Zonda who places first on the track."

"The atmosphere here is anything but calm, the fans are buzzing for the lights to go out. I'm sure the drivers are ready with their heads in the game, Mike."

"It's over to the track now live as we wait for the lights............here they go...........AND WE'RE AWAY!"

"The pack moves away from the starting grid and fires its way down to turn 1, and McShem makes a move of the FTO as it leaves the door open for a pass!!!"


"Poor corner defending by the FTO there, Tom, he just opened up and said "come on by", he'll be regretting that, I bet."

"I hope nobody is betting against McShem here today as this little car is going balls out to catch the lead car. OH MY! Did you see that!?"

"A pass on the esses of T3&4 there drops off the NSX like it was going backwards!"


"McShems next challenge is to see if he can make it passed his own team mate in the other RX-7 running today here at Grand Valley Speedway's first Le Mans car race brought to you by Shemview, the number one for drunken performance."


"He didn't seem to have much trouble out powering his team mate from the T6 hairpin, even on the racing hard tyres that all the cars are running for this series."

"The next car in the firing line is the RX-8, carrying slightly less weight than McShem due to his self imposed 60Kg ballast. Can he make the next pass stick as they come up to turn 10 before the entrance of the tunnel?"


A slow reaction from the green and orange liveried car there. He came in too close to the corner and left the outside wide open for an overtake, and that's just what he got himself."

"McShem now up into 8th as he hunts down the 350Z and sticks it past at the exit of the tunnel onto turn 12."

"He sure must have some huge anchors under that chassis to scrub of all the speed in such little space. Even with the gearing maxed at 234mph this Mazda certainly holds it grounds in terms of acceleration, Mike."


"It's now over a second up to the 6th place XJ220 who seems to be lacking the pace here today."

"Look here, Tom, the RX-7 is using the XJ220's slipstream to over take it into 6th just before the first corner on lap 2!"


"We're now on the tail of both the GT by Citroen and the Camaro riding along with the number 10 car, McShem's RX-7, and what a race we are witnessing to day at GVS, the host of the first Le Mans race car series race sponsored by Shemview."


"Wow, what a move! The Camaro and Citroen just ate McShem's dust as he wove through them like they were standing still at the esses, much like what happened to the less fortunate NSX on lap 1."

"Now it's really time to put the pedal to the metal if he's to catch the front runners lead by the Zonda to the two Fords which are over 2 seconds up on him at this point."

"Coming out from the tunnel of T12 now, through the next S, onto the bridge on the tail of the GT. It doesn't seem to have the guts to stand in the way of the Mazda as it runs away from the rest of the field."

"And now a message from our series sponsor..."


"Back to the action on the circuit here at GVS on lap 4 as McShem closes the gap on the GT and Zonda and starts to mound on the pressure."


"It can't be good for them, Mike, knowing that a handicapped driver is closing them down. It's enough to force them into an error, don't you think?"

"Coming into the hairpin of T6 now and........WAIT........the GT Spec II has slipped up and run a wheel on the curd allowing the RX-7 to swing around the outside and wave goodbye!"


"Riding up hard on the Zonda as we hit the twisty mid section of track, there's no room for mistakes at this point, Tom, from either car."

"McShem has the drive out of the corner, clearly an issue of down force, it's allowed him the spring on the Pagani to slip up behind him and roll round the outside coming out of the tunnel."


"There is all to lose now as we enter lap 5, the last in this race. Heading up the field is the RX-7, back to the Zonda just half a second behind, then the GT close on both the lead cars. Lap 5 should prove for some gripping action as the cars force themselves from making any minor hiccups at this time in the race."


"...The final set of corners coming up here, several cars all just a few tenths apart as they sprint for the line. McShem pulls ahead, the Zonda makes a last ditch effort to pass but can he make it..........NO! MCSHEM TAKES THE WIN!!!"


"My God, Mike, what an amazing performance from the newcomer today at GVS! He'll go home proud tonight and it helps that the prize comes with a large pay check. Let's head over to the podium to find out more about today's race events, live at Grand Valley Speedway, the first race in the Le Mans race car series brought to your living room by Shemview; the best in drunken performance..."​