LMP1/GTE Spec room up

Discussion in 'GT6 Single Races & Time Trials' started by cdc9906, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. cdc9906


    LMP1-570hp,900kg... TS030-530hp,900k. R18-580hp,900kg.

    GTE-500hp,1150kg. Any road car turned race car is eligible at no more than 500hp and no less than 1150kg.

    If your car can't meet min weight by 50kg, add 10hp, if by 100kg, add 20hp, if by 200kg, add 30 hp. This DOES NOT apply to road cars turned race cars.

    We are running at LeMans, but can change to either Spa or Silverstone if players want at some point. The room usually fills pretty well without posting here. If you can't get in because it is full you can message me and I can clean the ones who aren't playing nice.