Logic Holes in GT4 and GT In General

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    As we all know GT is full of logic holes but over all it's a good franchise.. heck I still play it. However, I can't help but get a little frustrated by their knowledge of certain cars and the favoritism KY shows to some models. Here's a list of major weird overlooks and logical fallacies in GT4...

    * Lister Storm V12 weight is always too heavy in every GT I've played that it appears in. How could they make that mistake on three different games?

    * Displacement up tune up can only be performed on Skylines(the car KY bows down to 5 times a day in prayer) and Mini Coopers and maybe one or two more. In reality a lot of performance cars can have displacement increases through boring and stroking especially muscle cars whose engine walls were built thicker then they needed to be and thus had room for the boring, viper motors are also great for this. Rotaries can be ported as well and RE Amemiya performs specific rotary porting but in the RE Amemiya tune shop in GT4 NO porting options are available.

    * You can't turbocharge muscle cars, vipers, etc when in reality you can.

    * This one is funny and friggin ridiculous, you can't put an after market super charger on the 86 MR-2 SUPERCHARGER lol! The engine is supercharged PD wth it's a forced induction motor by design you cant get turbos either just NA tune up.. ok.

    * For some reason in GT4 rally cars do not come with dirt tires already, that makes no sense.

    * The Mazda 787B was designed to be naturally aspirated no where in it's engineering was it meant for turbo charging. It already has a unique trumpet valve variable intake system ideal for na rotaries. With that said you can magically turbo charge the 787b.

    * For some odd reason in GT2 when you tune up a 3 rotor Mazda Comso Type E it only ends up with 634 hpwhich is less than some of it's two rotor counterparts! In real life the 20b has way more power potential than the 13b. On that note there are 20b motors with 900+ hp and 26b with 1000+ hp. For some odd reason pd thinks rotaries have a hard cap to their power at less than 1000 because they don't do enough vehicle research unless it's Skylines.

    * You can install performance ECU's on cars that have no computer system intalled in the first place.

    * The Minolta 88C-V is really good in this game(or at least fast) but in reality it was a failed machine. It never won a race didn't even finish half it's events it entered and never qualified 1st, 2nd or third in the races it entered. They messed up programming this thing like they did many other machines.

    All in all there is still more good than bad with GT in my heart but dang I wish these oversights didn't exist in the game. As much as I love GT I'm moving on to AC or IRacing within a couple years. I'll play them for nostalgia though.
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    Yip, welcome to the dawning of realisation! :lol:

    No in all seriousness there are a lot of "foibles" to the GT series. It wouldn’t be GT without them, I don't think. Without the irritating bits, the good bits wouldn't seem just quite so good. But yes you do build up quite a list of things the more you play. Mostly smallish things but some quite big mistakes/nuisances in one or two cases (IMO).

    We still play though...
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