Logitech G29 button mapping best practices

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I'm brand new to using a wheel, got myself a brand new Logitech G29 set, just wheel and pedals, no shifter yet, maybe around Christmas time and no handbrake. First of all, I expected that a basic mapping is provided automatically for most of the games but maybe apart from ACC it didn't happen. In fact, no matter how I tried in Assetto Corsa, even acceleration didn't work. When I loaded into the car (standard AC car on a standard track), throttle was on 100% and when I stepped on the gas, it went down to 0%... so yeah, no luck yet. I completely uninstalled AC and removed the mods, too, so I have now a vanilla install, didn't have time to test it again. I didn't have this issue with any other game.

With all the different options the game provides, I don't have a good feel for a decent mapping beyond the basics as in accelerate, brake, clutch and shifting up and down. If anyone could give some ideas, what makes sense to map specifically in the G29 and which button, I'd be thankful. I will have to actually write up for myself on a piece of paper which button is mapped to which function in which game, so that I don't forget it :) The button names in the game settings don't really translate well into the visual, so I have no idea what cryptic name is assigned for example to R2 etc.

The games I have and looking for suggestions; Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista, Automobilista 2, Dirt Rally, Dirt Rally 2.0, Dirt 4, Project Cars, Project Cars 2 and RaceRoom. I may get rFactor 2 during the Black Friday sales but that's yet be to determined.

Any suggestions for must have things, screenshot of the mapping etc. would be super helpful!
Thank you!!!

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You can get one thread. It's ludicrous to post the same thing in every game forum.

The Logitech profiler tells you what buttons are numbered what.