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  1. AndyLees


    Could anyone who has a G29 wheel on PC please post their settings from the “Advanced” section in Forza Motorsport 7.

    I know it’s all subjective and individual, however since the force feedback update last December, I’ve really struggled to get my wheel feeling right.

    Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Corsa

    Corsa Premium

    Since no G29 owners have replied, I will try to help.
    I have a Fanatec CSL Elite but you're welcome to try my settings.

    Vibration 40
    FFB scale 75
    Aligning torque 200
    Mechanical trail 120
    Pneumatic trail 80
    Road feel 75
    Load sensitivity 25
    Wheel damper 5
    Center spring 0
    Dynamic damper 10
    Wheel rotation 900
    Steering linearity 45

    I need to also say on the Fanatec we can fine tune on the rim.
    I have overall FFB on my rim set to 20, yes 20.
    Now I know this goes against everything logical when tuning a wheel, but Forza FFB isn't exactly logical and I've spent hours tooling for that rFactor feel.

    So if it's indeed terribly strong, just adjust the overall FFB scale down to 10 in game then increase to preference.
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  3. vinz7531



    I've found on my wheel (thrustmaster TMX) that lowering Mechanical trail to around 30 gives me the feeling of light wheel when understeering.
    I like that

  4. AndyLees


    Thanks for your replies guys - I got one set of settings from a Reddit user, which are not bad - I'll post these in this thread, as well as an update after trying Corsa's settings.

    These are my current settings for Logitech G29 on PC

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  5. AndyLees


    UPDATE: - I tried Corsa's (thanks again) however they did not feel good on the G29.

    I've reverted to the settings above, they are as good as I can get just now - I can feel when the back end starts to slide out, and I can feel the front end washing out...not quite Assetto Corsa standards of force feedback, however it will do for now.

    I'd be interested if others try these settings, what they think, and whether there are any suggested improvements.

    All the best,

  6. Chereveco


    Yesterday, I purchased and left the PC in overnight download/install, this morning just started the game, and shut off, I have a G29, and I'm wondering in advance, is there an easy way to set the wheel up, for the hole game?

    How're the car physics?, is it easy to play circuits just me against me, ( like I like to race Nurburgring Nordschleife me against the clock, etc ), as well the hole Career Mode....

    Asetto Corza downloaded and could't find a way to use/set up the G29, so requested for refund...
  7. WFO Krypto

    WFO Krypto

    I don't use a wheel, so I will leave that to someone that does.

    You can go to "FreePlay" in the game and pick any track, any configuration, AI up to 23 if you want, or can just run alone (that's what I do when tuning cars). If you want to chase a ghost car to see how you do against others, then you can go to "Rivals". In Rivals it also logs your time in a leaderboard against everyone else's best times.
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  8. Chereveco


    Thanks mate, I'll be checking this game... Later on.