Logitech G29 Squeaking Fix

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    So the squeak started happening to my G29 today, got super annoying while playing DR2. I googled it and found that people were doing warranty returns for something which I was sure was a minor issue - plus I got mine half price on Amazon and can only return/re-order, so I wasn't about to do that!

    The culprit is simply one of the two motors (which, when engaged, power the FFB) which clearly still move in some way even when the wheel is powered off and no FFB engaged. This needs lubricated. Here's my solution, anyone can do it, you don't need to remove the wheel.

    1. At 1:57 of this video you can see the 8 screws which hold the cover on the base. Undo those.

    2. Pry the cover away from the base slightly. Turn the big plastic bits which tighten the clamps anti-clockwise, to help with this. You don't need it apart much. Less than a centimetre.

    3. Look for the small hole on the side of each motor (these are silver, super easy to see), where the red arrows are in the pic below.


    4. Get a lubricant with a long thin nozzle like this. Looking inside approximately where the arrows are, look for those holes in the motor. Get the long nozzle into the holes (that's what she said) and squirt a healthy amount of lubricant inside these.

    Tip: don't use WD40, while it does lubricate it's really a water displacer (hence the name WD) and will evaporate quickly leaving little to no residue and your problem will return more quickly. I would recommend its sister product GT85, as it leaves a very thin slippy residue and is much better at lubricating moving things without gunking up. It's also completely safe on most materials and electrical connections, so if your aim is bad it doesn't matter (the nozzle should be INSIDE the holes in the motors so this shouldn't be an issue anyway).


    5. Put the screws back in and enjoy your silent wheel!
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  2. Spurnik


    Well,gt85 does not exist in my country so,can i use something like Würth's lubricants?(würth ultra 2040)
  3. Daz555


    I think Ultra 2040 is similar to WD40. However, whilst you might not want to use WD40 (it would be better than nothing), remember that it is a brand rather than a product. When we refer to WD40 we tent to mean the classic product in the blue can. WD40 make many different lubes however so worth checking out what is for sale in your region.