Logitech G29 Wheel Rotation issue.

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    I've been a fan of Gran Turismo and the Logitech G29 since GT5. Since the tire model update on GT Sport where it gave alot more understeer, caused me to have steering rotation issues with my G29. The issue was for a 90 degree turn, I had to turn the wheel 180 degrees. For a hairpin turn I turned it past 180 degrees.

    I installed the Logitech Software on my laptop to calibrate the wheel. It didn't work, so I reached out to Logitech about it and they confirmed that the Software only works for PC racing games only.

    This left me frustrated. Until I realized that I had a brand new Thrustmaster T300RS sitting in my closet. I hooked it up got on the game and immediately I noticed the difference. All tracks I race on laptimes were lowered at minimal 3 seconds in Group 3 cars.

    Nurburgring Nordschleife: old time6:12, new time 6:08

    Dragon Trail Seaside: old time 1:33, new time 1:29

    Tokyo Expressway South Inner Loop (BOP): old time 1:59, new time 1:53

    Tokyo Expressway South Inner Loop (No BOP): old time 1:53, new time 1:46.

    Those are some of the results with the wheel switch.

    I also found out that you can change the degree rotation of the T300rs before each race by holding the mode button and moving the Dpad on the wheel to the right. The red light will flash each time a rotation is selected.

    I have officially retired the G29. I'm team Thrustmaster now.

    Here are the videos of my 6:09 laptime on the Nurburgring and 1:53 laptime on Tokyo Expressway South Inner Loop:

    Nurburgring Nordschleife- Renault RS 01 GT3 Gr3

    Tokyo Expressway South Inner Loop-Nissan GTR GT3 gr3
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  2. Huffy


    I have this issue as well from time to time with my g27 (using a converter since it's not natively supported), where the wheel becomes soft and it takes more rotation of the wheel to turn the same amount, you can even see that the in-game driver doesn't match your wheel when it happens.

    Unplugging and repuggling the wheel or power cycling the ps4 usually fixes it for me.
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  3. super_gt


    Is this a real problem with G29 wheel rotation or you are just faster with more direct wheel rotation ratio?
    How fast are you with T300 without changing wheel rotation ratio, leaving it stock?
    If you try how convenient it is to change the wheel rotation ratio with CSL Elite you will get in the Fanatec team.;)
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    From what I know the G29 dynamically sets the max rotation per car for GT Sport. I’m not sure if that also extends to changing on the fly based on speed, but I’ve also experienced the excessive steering angle when understeering with mine. It’s frustrating, but something to get used to.
  5. anthonyfa18


    I am running a g25 with a cronusmax plus And I don’t seam to have any problem with this,
  6. Crazy Taylor

    Crazy Taylor

    More shocked on how the hell you failed to realise that you had a new wheel tucked away?
  7. Official_One


    It was a gift that I just forgot about. However I'm happy I have it up and running now.

    Super_GT truthfully I never had an issue with the G29 until the tire model update that brought on more understeer. I did email Logitech support staff and according to them the issue I was having was "Interesting and will look into it."

    At one point I did assume that the wheel had run its course and it was time for a new one, but I used the wheel on Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 and it worked perfectly. Infact at the time I ended up breaking the PC2 PS4 World Record laptime on the Monza Classic Circuit with it.

    As for the Thrustmaster T300rs I have it set on 540 degrees. That was the setting I used to run those laptimes. When I use the stock settings I'm 1 or 2 seconds slower.

    I've seen many previews of the Fanatec Wheels and I'm impressed. I want to get one, however I need a rig that will fit me Im 6'9 300lbs its a bit difficult to find a compatible rig. I'm currently using the Wheel Stand Pro.

    If you're interested I posted the two races in this post.

    I really like the G29, however it isnt working with the game I enjoy so I switched.
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  8. Official_One


    Before the tire model change I use to run between 6:06-6:09 laptimes in 18 different gr3 cars on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.
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    I feel like I’ve read this exact post before, but a few weeks ago.
  10. R1600Turbo

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    No issues with my G29 so far.
  11. Sander 001

    Sander 001

    BRB gonna check to see if there’s a brand new Thrustmaster just sitting in me closet
  12. opelgt1969

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    Well I just went to check my spare bedroom it doesn't have a closet but did see a spare wheel OK it had 3 G25,G27, and a G29.
  13. fordlaser

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    I have no issues with the rotation with my G29.
  14. KaiB


    Probably it´s a problem of adaptation, like BOP for cars in fia races they could lock wheel rotation settings also according the cars, makes no sense that people can use the same rotation in all cars and there for have advantage over others configuration.