Lola-Aston Martin 1967

Lola Aston Martin 1967 Poster1.jpg

Eric Broadley was responsible for the Lola Mark 6 which raced at le Mans in 1963 powered by a modified Ford Fairlane V8. Ford were sufficiently impressed that they bought the project and closely based the Ford GT40 on the car. They also hired Eric Broadley, but he left the project feeling that Ford were making too many compromises with the design to ensure success so he left and started a new large engined race car project - the Lola T70. The car had superb aerodynamics, with good stability and high downforce, but low drag thanks to a body design by Tony Southgate.

Tadek Marek had designed a new four cam V8 for Aston Martin and to aid its development Aston Martin joined forces with Eric Broadley and John Surtees and entered two cars in the 1967 Le Mans powered by 5 litre versions of the new engine. Sadly the number 11 car driven by John Surtees and David Hobbs retired after 3 laps and the number 12 driven by Peter de Klerk and Chris Irwin retired after 25 laps.

Eventually race development did improve the reliability of the engine and in road form it was a huge success with 5000 being produced until it was superseded in the year 2000.

Below a montage of 1967 Lola Aston Martin shots taken at that years race:

Lola Aston Martin 1967 Poster.jpg

I would love to have this car to compete in the game against the other beautiful 1960's Le Mans cars and in game it wouldn't have any of the reliability problems which beset the real car in its early days.


Please also vote for the Lola T70 Mark 3 1967 which was a Chevrolet V8 powered car raced by privateers all over the world - the thread is here:
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That looks sooo similar to the Ferrari P3/4...

I see the similarity also - especially in the curved windscreen.

I found some youtube footage - unfortunately nothing with engine sound yet. One car is kept at the Simeone Automotive Museum so I am sure it wouldn't be too difficult for PD to arrange to scan the car.

Santiago de Compostela, Spain
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If it's a suggestion, then I'll like the post.

Great car. Liked.
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