Long time lapse camera help

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England, Kent

well I'm doing the 2019 Modball rally London to Ibiza, a lot of driving across Europe! and I want to shoot a time lapse of the full rally. in a way a go pro seems perfect, they do a good mount to have it outside the car and it does time lapse BUT battery life is a worry, I need something that will last all day, say with traffic I could be on the road 10 hours, and I don't want to be getting out to change batteries, just turn it on at start of the day and leave it. I'm ok running a USB cable into the car if possible but ive never used a go pro and don't know if this is possible.

so basically what I need is a camera that I can strap to the car, just set up and leave all day, and probably need to be waterproof, but hopefully will be dry in June! and USB or car charger can be used if needed so battery lift can be worked around if this is a possibility

anyone with any experience here able to suggest some options here, I'm not too strict on budget, this event is costing a lot anyway so a bit more on a camera or two isn't exactly going to break the bank but I don't want to be strapping something worth more than my DSLR to the car (Sony A77)

thank you in advance! and happy to provide any other information needed

and for those curious I'm running a Mark 5 Golf GTI with over 150,000 miles on the clock but still runs like new (most parts are!), not like some of the super cars in the event but still fun to drive and a lot of speed (might lack on the track day!) and we are team 27 Underpowered