Long time lurker, First time poster.

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Hello to everyone!

I am a very, very long time lurker of this website. After many a year, I thought I might make 2020 a little special and decide to finally make an account and show myself around here! So to make the first step, I thought I would like to let you all know a bit about me using Jordan's suggested questions.
  • How did you find GTPlanet?
    I found GTPlanet from a users suggestion on GameFAQs back in 2009.

  • Where are you from?
    I currently live somewhere in Adelaide, SA Australia. I was born in another state and have moved and traveled a fair bit.

  • When did you start playing the Gran Turismo games?
    Since the OG GT back on the PS1. I was about 6 years old back then.

  • Do you play with a steering wheel?
    G27 BBY. At the moment I don't due to how cramp my current location is. But I am in the process of making a simrig.

  • What other games do you enjoy?
    A HUGE FAN of Metal Gear Solid. But honestly I play a bit of everything and everything. Current rotation is GT Sport, NBA2k20 and Death Stranding.

  • What are you most looking forward to doing in the community, now that you're a part of this site?
    Actually contribute towards the community, I've been given so much wonderful advice and information from a lot of you by lurking. I want to repay that and pay it forward.
So please, don't be a stranger and don't be afraid to message me!
Till then, hope to see you all around here and in GT.