Looking for a Designer to Recreate my IRL Livery.

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United States

Looking for a designer to recreate this livery in numbers #25 and #37 on a few vehicles. Will provide all graphics and additional details.
Will pay.

Looking for an Ocean Tomo Racing livery for:

-Porsche 911 RSR
-GT F1500 T-A
- Sauber C9
Seems pretty simple to me. You should be able to do most of it yourself.

Take the Ocean Tomo graphics and those four white things by your helmet over to the .SVG request thread and one of them should happily convert them into useable files for free in less than a day.

After that, take a trip to the discover tab and find the rest of the decals such as VP Racing, Goodyear, Bosch, IMSA, BBS and the rest. Should be incredibly easy to find.

Then once you're done, take the cars you wish to paint to the livery editor and it should take less than ten minutes to make each one. Paint 'em black, make the mirrors red and slap them decals on wherever you see fit.

(P.S., Please don't put the Mazda logo on the Porsche or Sauber, OK?)
I'd be happy to do the Porsche, but I don't do SVGs (wish i could) so you'd need to do that or post the ones that aren't in Discover in the request thread.