Looking For Drivers For An Assetto Corsa Endurance Team. League includes 24 Hours of Le Mans EventPC 

United States
United States
Hi all,

I run an endurance racing team currently in our second year of racing in a league. We have one existing seat open in our cars So I am here to see if anyone would be interested in joining.

**Basic Info**

- Races are held once per month on Saturdays ( afternoon in Europe, Morning in America )

- Single Class GTE Racing league

- You will be driving the Ford GT GTE with up to 2 other drivers

- Team practices are held on most Thursday and Saturday nights ( America ). These are not required but strongly reccomend Ed. If you cannot attend we ask that you make up the practicing time on your own

- Race Lengths vary between 4 and 8 hours . Special event/non championship rounds ( Daytona and Le Mans ) are rumored to be between 12 and 24 hours in length.

- Our team hosts our own private practice server which you will have 24/7 access to. In addition on race day we have our own custom built telemetry interface and you will have a live spotter for most of your stints .

- We currently run three cars. One with our 3 best drivers, the other with our next best 3 drivers and one with 2 development drivers .

- We are looking for someone to fill the development seat ideally, so beginners are welcomed

**What are we looking for in a driver?**

- Must be atleast 16 years old

- Must have a full sim racing wheel and pedals setup

- Must own Assetto Corsa for PC with all DLC and Content Manager as well

- Must have reliable high speed internet

- Must have a PC capable of running a race of up to Approx 45 cars for multiple hours ( even on lowest settings )

- Drivers of all backgrounds are accepted, preference given to American drivers just for ease of scheduling but we welcome all drivers

- Drivers of all skill levels welcome . No matter your skill level you will be paired with drivers as close to you as we can provide . What matters more to us is how active you are within our team and the kind of personality you are; speed can be learned .

- Must be a team player, someone who is willing to put aside their own personal preferences for the sake of the team when changes are made.

- Must be easy to contact and be responsive, reading our discord frequently for team/race/league updates and be easy to communicate with when needed

- Must be self motivated , be willing to practice on your own in addition to organized team practices to prepare for the next race

- Must be supportive of your team mates; if you see a team mate struggling offer to help them, if you need help ask your team mates for help

I like to think we run a pretty unique team in the sim racing world. We are competitive and hardworking with custom made resources found on no other team, but we are also very supportive and friendly to one another and welcoming. As I said earlier what matters more to us is the environment you help to maintain in the team, not so much your speed as you join .

If you are interested please send me a dm and we can discuss further. Discord Kiss My Haas#1467