Looking for friends or rather friends’ times

Speedy Samurai

Good evening fine folks

Been doing GT since #1 released and been a member here for, well, a long time.

Most of my friends both real and online have moved away from the GT series so I’ve been mostly on my own and now GT7 is rubbing that in my face.


Most of my license tests and circuit experiences were done shortly after launch and I’m now going back to them to set times that are recognised since update 1.31 (?) wiped leaderboards.

My leaderboard is empty.

I’m wondering if anyone wants to be my friend and wouldn’t mind contributing to populating my leaderboard so I don’t have to continue to feel like a loser, I mean loner. ;)

My GT name is gtpSpeedySamurai and the psn ID I use for GT is FFfan4now.

If you want to be GT friends and to shame me with your GT7 times I welcome the comraderie and humiliation.
Added you. My times are nothing special, as for CE/Licenses I only grabbed gold and then moved on, so you might find yourself beating some of my times :D
I don't have much to contribute to times... but anyone is free to add me, PSN is oldbusanubis
Thanks to those who added me I can see just how terribly slow my gold times are. How you guys do this?
Spending time and true dedication. :lol: Joke aside ...

I kinda suck at racing - this kind of competition's just not in my genes, I guess ( way too much gentleman, less competitive ).
Squeezing the best out of me at a given challenge however is my thing. Results are still mediocre at best though. ;)
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Add me if you like. PSN on the side. For the licenses I usually just settle for an OK gold. The online time trials is where I push a lot more.

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