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Hello, I am looking for suggestions on racing games that are either set mostly in the countryside like NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 or that go cross country with minimal city races like NFS The Run. Country, cars, missions and story aren't really essential, just something that isn't in a city/cities all the time. I prefer NFS titles but I'm flexible to other franchises. From NFS I have also played NFS 3 Hot Pursuit 1998, Rivals and Payback which were ok, but not quite what I was looking for. I also played the originals in the 90s, Heat, NFS 2015, Most Wanted 2012, Undercover and Nitro none of which I liked.

Outside of NFS I enjoyed Cruisin USA, Dirt Showdown and Wreckfest. I also played all Forza Horizon, Grid and Gran Turismo and don't like any of them that much.

Generation doesn't matter anything starting with PS2/GameCube/OG Xbox era through current gen.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Either TDU1/2 or The Crew if you haven't tried them already.

Left field suggestion, have you heard of FUEL? Old game (PS3 era) but still has the biggest map in any racing game ever. Takes 2+ hours to drive from edge to edge. Total freedom, you can go anywhere. Obviously it's heavily biased towards offroad, and all the cars are fictional but you've played some Dirt/Wreckfest so I don't think that's an issue for you. Graphics and gameplay are not the best but you won't get a better road trip simulator than this. I don't think they sell digital versions anymore though, so you need to get a second hand physical copy.