looking for ways/info for tuning cars (any class)

Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 4' started by Hotspace 5150, Oct 16, 2019.

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    Been playing FH4 since I saw "Reji" play the game on youtube.... I was blown away and the reason that I got a Xbox One (used..Thank you GameStop).

    looking ways to tune my cars (any class or size/type of vehicle)...

    drifting using automatic transmissions..

    More speed, tighter braking, aerodynamics, tire pressure, wet, dry,medium,hard,soft tyres.

    Anything would be appreciated.

    the best controller settings?

    Thank you for your time...
  2. GTvsForza

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    Drifting with Automatic is a bit tricky to pull off, due to the game constantly changing gears when you're pegging the revs, causing you to bog down on power. Manual isn't really that hard to master.

    As for tuning, use what you feel comfortable. I am not a high class tuner like DJS, but try not to go overboard on power. Instead, try to level everything so it can be as smooth and easy to drive.

    I myself would work backwards: Start with the Tires and Handling putting on at least Sport parts. Then, put on whatever performance parts you like to max out on the class you're on. For example, if your car is at a low A class after Tires and Handling, mix up the engine parts until you are just at the top.

    Transmission is a different story. Since most of my cars are AWD Swapped for Winter and Offroad races, stretch out the first gear a bit so you can have a faster launch.