PS4 Looking To Form Casual Racing Group (USA)

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    For the past four years I was a member of a Gran Turismo group which met online weekly for GT5 and GT6. We had a group of 8-12 which met regularly and had a great time each week. Our number one priority was to have fun, but we also had many, many memorable races to go along with plenty of funny incidents. We were all mature gamers (w/ kids, families, etc) so none of us had time to spend prior to the races to practice, work on setups, perfect lap times, etc. We picked different cars and tracks each week, ran with fixed setups, showed up and had fun. It was all great until people started upgrading to XBox1 and PS4 systems, and during the past year the group began to fall apart.

    Anyway, I'm looking to re-create this same type of group with Project Cars on the PS4. Our group always met on Thursday nights at 8:00pm EST, with racing starting up around 8:30pm EST. The format we used was pretty relaxed: we'd pick one car and five tracks each week, with each race lasting about 15-minutes, with about 5-minutes of practice for each track. If for some reason we picked a car that everyone hated, we'd simply change cars. If we wanted to keep racing beyond the final 'scheduled' race, then we just picked another track and kept racing. We didn't keep track of points, we had very few rules, we allowed driving aids, etc (hell, we even had one guy who used a controller.) The point was to have a regular group of people show up every week and have fun racing on different tracks with different cars each week.

    Who will like this type of group: any one who takes a casual approach to Project Cars yet still wants to enjoy some clean, competitive racing without spending hours practicing, and can overlook the occasional bump off the track or an over-aggressive pass

    Who will not like this type of group: some one who invests a lot of time dialing-in setups and spends many laps on the track perfecting lap times, studying tire wear at different track temps, and will get bent out of shape at the slightest fender rub from a fellow driver who may have had a few sips of beer prior to the race [​IMG], etc

    I did also have the idea of creating a second group (perhaps on Sunday nights) which would be devoted to one long (1.0-1.5-hour) race. However, first it's important to have a group of like-minded drivers who will show up regularly on Thursday night.

    Anyone who may be interested, please respond here or send me a PM. I'll give it a week or two to see if we can get at least 6-10 folks who are interested. Since we never kept a schedule it will be simple for us to get started and for people to join at any time.

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    Im interested.
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    United Kingdom
    Me too, i'm interested, although the time difference maybe an issue for me.
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    Hi @Hu_Fling_Du. Just wondering if this is still on considering the last post on the thread is since 2016.
    It seems right up my alley. The time zone (USA) is fine and compatible with mine of the Caribbean.

    Re: "The format we used was pretty relaxed: we'd pick one car and five tracks each week, with each race lasting about 15-minutes, with about 5-minutes of practice for each track." I like the sound of the lobby and especially the part of the shorter duration of races etc as opposed to longer duration/endurance type meets which takes the patience of Job.

    Let me know if you see this.