Lost Game Progress :(

Discussion in 'GT5 General Questions' started by phil-t, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. phil-t

    United Kingdom UK

    I went Open Lobby, Create Room, it said "Contacting server", the background music stopped, the controller stopped responding (no XMB), and 'save game' appearing every 30 seconds or so.

    I left it 20 mins, it never recovered, I had to power the PS3 off, and it's lost 6 hours of progress..

    Can you backup the save game? I know it's copy protected, but it would be used on the same console? I'm newish to PS3, so not sure how to do this type of thing?
  2. krishy_123

    Australia Brisbane, Australia

    Wow, very unlucky... I hope theres a patch to patch the patch very soon considering everyone appears to be having a lot of problems with it..
  3. HaylRayzor


    Did you lose all your progress, or only since the last time you shut off the game?
  4. Does it come up with a corrupted game save message?
  5. phil-t

    United Kingdom UK

    The whole lot, it started up asking for the language etc, and I had to go through the whole choose a driver thing all again.

    It didn't say anything was corrupted, it just said it was accessing the data and not to turn off the console etc, then just asked what language I wanted..

    I wouldn't mind too much, but I'm scared of going into open lobby at all now, I don't know if I should format the HDD and re-install or what..?

    I've checked under PS3 Save Data Utility, and there are 2 files showing as 'corrupt', the second one was another attempt at creating a lobby.. I don't hear many people complaining about it, so I wonder what's wrong with my setup, it's a 6 week old 320Gb PS3 Slim, I've only played prologue and some move games!
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  6. You may find they release another patch tomorrow. Might be worth just playing offline till servers etc are sorted out tomorrow.
  7. Ibonibo

    Luxembourg Luxemburg

    Nearly the same thing happend to me.

    Entered the Open Lounge, music stopped.
    Ps3 freezed.
    Then i read your thread.
    I'm like *south park* oh no *south park end*

    Lucky me my savegame still there.
  8. phil-t

    United Kingdom UK

    I think only when the music stops and it's saying 'saving data' every 30 seconds or so, you are screwed..
  9. RedPhoenix


    I think that PD are going to do a "Wipe" of all online progress so that at Midnight tonight all GT5 players can start from the same point. It only seems fair. :) This may be what alot of you are experiencing.
  10. BradKinder


    I really really really really hope that GT5 does not freeze up all the time in all the online menus like GT5P.:(
  11. deviln3

    Canada Leafs Nation

    When your system FREEZES, don't turn off the PS3. Instead press the eject button to take out the disc and put it back in...

    Then your system will restart automatically, maybe this will help in not corrupting the data.

    Can you imagine playing GT5 for 3-4 months and then one day your ps3 freezes and there goes all your progress... I hate Protected games saves and I hate **** trophies that brought on the protected game saves.
  12. pacific808racer


    For the system backup and restore for ps3 most people believe it can only backup one system.

    In a software update that happened long ago sony opened up the system so that if you backup your HDD on say "Console A", you can take it to "Console B" and do a restore wiping all data off "Console B" and replacing it with an exact copy of the data from "Console A."

    Running a system backup copies everything in your HDD including all copy protected game saves.
  13. articzap


    Sounds plausible to me. I'm hoping for it honestly.
  14. soldiaboy

    United States Miami,Florida

    man that sucks, i will not be checking out the open lobby lol
  15. Foxiol

    Spain Tarragona,Spain

    First thing i will do with the game after install it...is trying to make a copy just with my USB key...i made this with all of my games include GT5 Prologue with all cars and credits.
    I believe that it is possible.
    Some people is confused and really don´t know how to do it or which part of the "saves" of the games have to make a copy.
    The PS3 has 2 parts for every game: 1-content in HDD or full installation or not.
    2- in other part the "save game" sometimes with a lot of parts and you have to save this ones all in an USB key just in case your PS3 "dies" (i´m on my second:D) or lost all of your progress.
    It´s easy.
    The 1st (content of the game is in your blue ray DVD...so forget about it, just install again).
    The 2nd is the important thing.

    (this was made for those new owners of the PS3 or people who don´t know how save theirs "save game" progress)
  16. Sephy

    United States North Carolina

    You can't do that with the GT5 save. It's copy protected.
  17. robisme

    England West Yorkshire,

    Hi, stay away from "Create Room" in Open lobby until you know it's fixed & working, risk loosing savegame otherwise. IF it locks in Open lobby without clicking on Create Room, you won't loose anything, it's happened to me about 6 times, just restart and do something else.
    not working on 24th after release either.
  18. Spagetti69


    Oh lawdy.
  19. Etho78


    It may not be working yet because GT5 is not released every where yet. We still have 10 Hrs to wait if we have a midnight release otherwise it is still 18 Hrs away.
  20. This is going to be quite painful for those with a lot of content on their HDD...
  21. But the copy protected game saves will only work on the source PS3, not on another.

    The only way the saves will work is to use the transfer utility. But then all content on the source PS3 will be deleted.
  22. samdavis


    So even after saving, it seemingly erased your progress up to that point? Or had you not saved the game at all before going to Open Lobby?

    Sorry if my question seems like an obvious one, I just wanna get the details straight.
  23. White & Nerdy

    United States Wasilla, AK

    Wow, I hope they get this sorted out. I reeeeeealy don't want to lose the special cars I spent $40 on... not interested in all that commemorative stuff.
  24. Just got my copy about 40 minutes ago....i nearly squealed like a girl!

    Mine is freezing if I quickly try to redo a licence (quickly pressing X to get to the test). It's happened twice now, only lost progress of the test i was doing as it froze.

    Music still plays but the screen is black, left it for 10 minutes but no change, tried ejecting the disc and reinserting but that just resets the game.
  25. phil-t

    United Kingdom UK

    I had been playing on and off for quite a while, turning off the PS3 several times, etc, and it went straight back in with all my progression.

    I started by going into the Open Lobby section, the first time it just hung immediately, after a good 5 mins, I turned it off, no problems,
    I then retried it, got a list of lobbies, tried to join one, and it hung again, and again when I reset the PS3, it was all OK,
    It was just when I tried to create a lobby, and it sat their saying "connecting to server", with the key tell tale being a "saving data..." appearing every 30 seconds or so, eventually I powered the PS3 off, and that's when it asked me for my language again, and clearly had reset.

    As a test, I created a new character, and then tried the create lobby again, and the same thing happened (two corrupted files show under Game Save Data in the XMB)..

    Finally I just created a new character, and haven't touched 'open lobby'..

    I might format the PS3, re-install the game etc, and try again, something isn't right..

    I also have (UK Copy from Shopto) the A-Spec/A-spec inconsistency on the GT Life menu (if that means anything).

    The game updated to 1.01 before It installed the 'files' when I originally put the disk in the BR drive when it arrived yesterday.
  26. MidianGTX


    I just got mine from ShopTo, sometimes there are separate "EU" and "UK" versions, and ShopTo occasionally deal with both. What does the code on the spine of your case say? I've got BCES-00569.
  27. z06fun

    United States Northeast :(
    PSN:z06fun, z06fun1

    There is some option to repair files or something (can't remember what it is called exactly) in the "options" menu. Anyone try that for this problem? Seems worth a shot if you have to start over anyway. I think it is under "utilities" or "Network" on the bottom line of the main options menu.
    I can't believe we have already found corrupt game saves happening. Very disappointing considering we can't make a backup.
  28. I have the same problem.
    Played over 100 hours,90% of game completed,60%of the trophys,100 cars in my garage.I just wanted to start the nascar extrem series in b-spec.
    Waited always to finish saving or when the hdd was working.
    Im so angry right now.Data recovery inside of gt5 dont work.
    Know somebody another method to recover data from my ps3?
    Maybe some people will be even very angry when i say that.But i hope if they
    disable the copy protection that there are some save game hacks out there with erverything unlocked and with no save game protection per ps3.
    Thats just a shame pholyphony.
    Totally pissed.
  29. Mars Attacks

    Greece Athens

    I feel you man! Yesterday, because of an electricity power failure, I lost all my progress in GT5: A-spec Level 25 (all in gold) and 100 cars!:ouch::sick:
  30. Lost my file for A-spec level 32, B-spec level 35 the day before, now starting again, hard work to get back up to the same level now, why did it have to go and corrupt my file :S