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    Hello GTPlanet!

    So after watching AGDQ this year I was inspired to speedrun a game, and after much thought I figured: why not try a game from my favorite series? And that's how this run was born!

    The main reason I picked GT4 was the B-Spec fast forward feature. With this we can make championships like the GT World Championship much faster than racing it personally. There is also just enough exploits and unexplored bugs to hopefully make this an interesting process!

    I've come to GTPlanet because while I love GT, I started with GT5 and I don't have a lot of knowledge about GT4 like some of you guys do. So hopefully, if anyone wants to, we can find some new things about GT4 and enjoy the game in a different way!

    Edit: Rerouting the run right now.
    In my opinion, the credits would count as the "end" of the game, so with that the run would be over.
    There are, of course, many things that could be improved in this run. For example:
    • What are the best upgrades with the money we will have left for the Pescarolo and the Audi?
    • Is there any out of bounds exploits we can use to finish a race faster than B-Spec at 3x speed?
    • Is there a faster car we can earn for the Costa Di Amalfi rally?
    In my opinion this could be really exiting! If anyone has any ideas as to how we could improve this run let me know! If enough people are interested we could possibly set up a discord chat or something like that.
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  2. Strax


    All golds in a license will reward you also with the bronze and silver prize cars, so if you are aiming for the least time, get all bronze.

    As for faster moneymaking, get all silvers in the iB or win tsukuba wet easy to get one of the two RX8 Concept cars, win the RX8 one make race for the RX8 concept lm race car which sells for 115k+, and you can have Bob use it to repeat the race over and over and over in something like 5-6 minutes per championship.

    Buy Audi TT or Opel Astra DTM and go on from there.
  3. BobK

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    You need to win every event in the Beginner and Professional Halls before you're even allowed to enter the GTWC.

    I'm not sure a 0-point B-Spec driver can win the DTM with the Audi, I could be wrong though. Maybe the Astra could. The Merc touring car which you win in the Legends of the Silver Arrow is, IMO, the best car for B-Speccing the DTM. You win the LotSA easily with a Merc SL65, which the Capri rally more than pays for.

    The Nismo 270R prize car from the IA license can win the Capri rally stock out of the box but it's easier if you buy R3 tires if you have the cash.


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    Was not aware of that BobK! Guess I'm going to have to rethink some of this run in that case.
  5. thefanman


    The current Gran Turismo 4 speedruns are over 9 1/2 hours. B-Spec is allowed but neither player used it. It's probably a good idea to skim through the videos of them playing to see the cars they use and event order etc, then inject your own ideas and see where B-spec might save time over them.
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    Here's a maddening idea... an all-car speedrun.

    I can't imagine how long that'd take. :lol:
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  7. Billy95Idol


    What about a speed run with commentary, I have watched only a handful of speedruns in the past but all I have watched have not had commentary, so this would also make for an interesting twist?
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    Late response but oh well. GT4 in general wasn't too complex as far as the car choices go, it's just really long. Only bought a few cars overall and most were prize cars from memory, ended up routing my own as no one had attempted Any% for GT4 before then. There were some races where RNG had to be manipulated to get a certain AI car not in the race also. Nice (scumbag) logic from Polyphony by not allowing you to use Cadillac Cien in Supercar Festival, yet the AI are allowed to use it.

    No idea what Seven did for his one, only saw snippets when he streamed it, so I'm unsure if he did his own route or followed mine for any of it. The main difference with ours and why his is faster is I went towards the Chaparral 2J for the GTWC which took about 30 mins via grinding Special Conditions - Capri Rally (Easy), while Seven did the Driving Missions that unlock the Toyota 7 Race Car. I stayed away from Driving Missions cause of bad memories of countless attempts on 1 Lap Suzuka (90 sec handicap didn't sound pleasant for a speedrun if there were multiple retries) as a teen and I was trying to make a route that was more entry level as I didn't imagine every person being capable of doing the Driving Missions. Though I tried it again a couple of months ago and almost got it 1st try. So I could have redone it with Driving Missions but it's not really a run I fancy doing again.

    It was more an experiment to see what would be an estimate for GT4 Any%. I ran it via HDD so loading times were faster, yet it was still about 40 mins slower than Seven's run, so mine was really bad. lol

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