Mazda RX-7 (FB) GSL-SE 1985

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    Aka the RX7 everyone forgot about. This RX7 holds a special place in my heart as it was the car that got me into cars in general and made me a Rotor head. My father himself owned two of these for 24 years. I grew up playing GT3 and 4 seeing that they had the FC and FD but the FB was nowhere to be found. I know the RX8 and 110S Cosmo have a bigger chance of being added but they added cars like the E30 M3 and the RX500, so anything is possible. :tup:
    Engine: 80 ci 1.3 L 2 Rotor 13B=REGI
    Power & Torque: 135 BHP & 133 of Torque
    Weight: 1200 kg
    Drivetrain: F.R
    Transmission: 5 speed manual
    Top speed: 110 mph
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    I've been feeling more rotary vibes are soon to come. Maybe the Cosmo, RX-3 or this. Shame if you may have missed GT2, that had the SA22.
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