Mcalva98's Real/Fictional Tracks recreated! Added Mugello

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    Hi, with the new course maker app that was released I have made some tracks that were from previous GT games or real life. If you want any of these tracks add me on PSN (my user name) or here!/friend/mcalva98/course/

    List of tracks available
    -Fuji Speedway '90's
    -Sears Point
    -Grand Valley (GT3 layout)
    -Special Stage 5&11
    -*Complex String
    -Tahiti Maze
    -Circuit of The Americas
    -Nurburgring Sudschlife (not sure if spelled right)
    -Sears Point Bike Circuit

    *means the track either has a slight change or is not a complete track

    I will add more as soon as I post them! :)
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