MCLA Goal Attack Guide and Tips

Hello everyone! Here is a guide on how to complete the Goal Attack Mode. Goal Attack is a challenge mode where one must win races within a specific time limit and must complete the race with less than 25% damage to their vehicle. Each race will also automatically set the race to Midnight time of day and Clear weather, with normal traffic and Special Abilities disabled, and the player races against 3 random Medium difficulty opponents.

To enter Goal Attack, do the said procedure below:
1. Press Start
2. Press RB (Xbox)/R1 (PS)
3. Scroll down to the second option, Goal Attack
4. Press A (Xbox)/X (PS)

There are a total of 74 races in the main game, and an additional 26 races with the South Central Expansion, and each Goal Attack has the same objectives that have to be fulfilled in order to successfully pass the challenge.

In order to master a Goal Attack, you must do all of the three objectives below in the same race.
-Finish in 1st place
-Finish the race under the specified time limit.
-Finish the race with less than 25% damage on your vehicle (A yellow bar indicates how much damage you can take before exceeding the limit)

Special abilities (Zone, Agro, Roar, EMP) are disabled for the Goal Attack races.

In circuit races, make sure to use all nitrous before the second lap as this will just refill the used up nitrous.

Each main game race must be unlocked through the main story missions, with the final race (Studio Hills) being unlocked after you defeat Andrew for the second time. The South Central races are already available at the game start, and have less stricter times to complete.

The best vehicles to use for the Goal Attacks are a fully upgraded Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster (either the normal or DUB Edition) or Audi R8.

A motorcycle, especially the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 or Ducati 1098R, if you can handle them properly can also help due to their lighter weight, which can make them accelerate faster, weave through traffic and handle responsively at the expense of being more prone to damage, making it easier and faster to reach or exceed the 25% damage limit, so be careful when using the motorcycles for Goal Attacks.

The races are listed as below:

ORDERED RACES (38 + 13):
Hollywood Area
-Around Hollywood (2:10:00)
-Central LA Showdown (3:14:00)
-Century City Jumps (2:18:00)
-Fairfax and Sunset (2:03:00)
-Hollywood Drifts (2:20:00)
-Laurel Canyon Run (2:17:00)
-MacArthur Cut (2:16:00)
-Old Hollywood Shortcuts (3:04:00)
-Sunset and Vine (0:58:00)
-Sunset River Run (2:55:00)
-Valley Freeways (3:36:00)
-Welcome To Hollywood (0:48:00)
-West LA Challenge (2:51:00)
-Wilshire Blvd. (2:10:00)
-Wilshire Sprint (1:35:00)
Santa Monica Area
-Beaches and Beverly Run (2:18:00)
-Ocean to LA River (2:31:00)
-Old Route 66 (2:21:00)
-Sand and Surf (2:38:00)
-University Cut (2:03:00)
-Westside Ride (2:12:00)
-Westwood and Brentwood (1:53:00)
Downtown Area
-4th Street Meet (2:12:00)
-Civic Center Race (2:12:00)
-Crossblocks (2:48:00)
-Downtown to Pier (2:01:00)
-Downtown Tour (2:45:00)
-Downtown Vistas (2:06:00)
-Figueroa and Grand (2:22:00)
-Rags to Riches (3:41:00)
Hills Area
-Hollywood, Valley and Beaches (4:02:00)
-Mulholland and Beverly (2:05:00)
-Mulholland Drive East (2:17:00)
-Mulholland Drive West (2:02:00)
-River Valley (2:37:00)
-Up and Over Coldwater (2:36:00)
-Ventura Finish (2:25:00)
-Ventura Loop (2:11:00)
South Central Area
-Baldwin Crenshaw Run
-Campus Orientation
-Crenshaw and Back
-Crenshaw and Hollywood
-Out of the River
-Pacific BLVD. Start
-SC Touring Time
-Slauson Bounce
-South Central Exit
-South Central Tour
-Southeast Run
-Under the 10
-West Adams Match

Hollywood Area
-Century Mall (3:27:00)
-Hollywood and Downtown (3:18:00)
-Laurel Canyon Loop (4:11:00)
-Promenade (2:35:00)
-Theater Circuit (3:18:00)
-University Loop (2:21:00)
-Westwood (1:46:00)
Santa Monica Area
-California Incline Loop (2:31:00)
-Santa Monica Loop (3:03:00)
-Under the 405 (3:51:00)
Downtown Area
-6th St. (3:38:00)
-Downtown Freeway Loop (2:48:00)
-LA River Run (2:45:00)
-Midtown (3:26:00)
-Railyard (2:17:00)
Hills Area
-Coldwater Canyon (2:16:00)
-Mulholland (4:50:00)
-Studio Hills (3:51:00)
South Central Area
-10 and 405 is 110
-Figueroa and Vermont
-Huntington Drifts
-Round Baldwin
-South Central Speedway
-Track Circuit
-West Adams Loop

Hollywood Area
-Hollywood Shuffle (2:41:00)
-Studio Shuffle (1:32:00)
Santa Monica Area
-Beach Blitz (1:00:00)
Downtown Area
-Downtown Freeway Frenzy (1:54:00)
Hills Area
-Drift and Conquer (2:11:00)
-Ventura Shuffle (1:51:00)

Hollywood Area
-Hollywood to the Pier (1:04:00)
-Hustle to the City (0:49:00)
-Sunset to the Hills (1:00:00)
-Sunset to the Promenade (0:54:00)
Santa Monica Area
-Beach to the Hills (1:11:00)
-Incline to the Cathedral (1:19:00)
-Pier to the Chateau Marmont (1:06:00)
Downtown Area
-6th St. to the Hills (1:30:00)
-Downtown to Sunset Music (0:44:00)
-Wilshire to the Georgian (1:17:00)
Hills Area
-Hills to Century City (1:16:00)
-Sepulveda to 4th Street (1:20:00)
South Central Area
-Downtown To Randy's
-Hills To Auditdrium
-Laurel Canyon To Florence
-Ocean To Stadium
-Pico To Crenshaw
-Watts Face Off

There are three achievements/trophies linked to this mode.
Mild Dedication (10G/Bronze): Complete all objectives for one Goal Attack.
True Dedication (100G/Gold): Complete all objectives for all 74 main game Goal Attacks.
GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! (60G/Silver): Complete all objectives for all 26 South Central Goal Attacks.
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