McLaren F1 GTR Race Car Base Model '95

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    The purpose of this setup is to win the Silverstone 10-Lap Challenge, as well as other races at the S level. The McLaren F1 GTR Base Model '95 is plenty fast enough to win this race stock, so I have merely tuned the car to mitigate a bit of the understeer, improve the tire wear as much as I can, and find the easiest lineup to win against.

    Lineups: Investigation so far shows lineups are not consistent from console reset to reset. What we know about Silverstone so far is that usually another F1 GTR is on pole, so we avoid that and go for a slower lineup, like one headed by a Nissan GTR R35 TC and an AMG GTS '11, with the rabbit, a Viper GTS-R, in 4th.

    The strategy is to start on Race Hards, pit end of Lap 5, take more Race Hards, and what the computer gives you for fuel.

    MoV : 33.9 seconds <---very easy win
    Total Time : 20.34.XXX

    DF: 500/625
    Ballast: None @ 0
    600 hp
    1050 kg
    618 pp
    Parts to buy: None
    Transmission: Auto-set 180 mph
    LSD: 7-21-14
    Ride height: 70/70
    Spring rate: 17.93 Kgf/mm / 22.93 Kgf/mm
    Damper compression: 4/6
    Damper extension: 5/7
    Antiroll bars: 4/5
    Camber: 0.0/0.0
    Toe angle: -0.00/0.08
    Brake balance: 5/4
    Tires: racing hard
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    That's a fantastic tune Dotini. It all went just as you predicted when I went with the SLS AMG GT3 '11 on pole. I turned out easy-on-the-tires 2:01.xx laps and took on fuel at the half way point as suggested. Won by 30+ seconds. Now I might suggest to fellow racers to maybe add a litre or two to what they're offering because I ran out of fuel with 100 meters to race and won the "skin of your teeth" trophy for doing so.

    Anyways that's a great tune and it got my vote! :tup:
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  3. PierrotRCC


    sorry if the topic is old, but I'm french and I don't understand something about your answer :(
    How do you avoid the BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car '97 in the lineup ? Whenever I run the race the car is here, and I cannot make a better result than 2nd. Actually I cannot change the first car in every race !
    Anyway thank you for your tune, the car is lovely to drive !

    (I apologize for my bad english :guilty:)
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    Just saw this thread.
    If you are still having the same issues, there is only one way to change the lineup and that is to quit the race from the race menu screen and come right out to the race selection screen then select the race again. Try this until the car you do not want to race against is not in the line-up.
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    What I do to catch up with the mclaren bmw gtr97 is add alot of downforce and lowering ride height and adjust the springs a little then turn off abs and traction so that when the car wants to become unstable with braking the tires lock (I posted so late )