McLaren-Honda Announces New Partnership With Logitech, Teases "Plenty To Come"

Hopefully this will be an exciting collaboration not just a PR thing. I know McLaren have worked with various groups including a major children's hospital in the past creating data analysis and other tech for them.
PC, PS4, and Xbox support all In One. with Future Proof Up-gradable Firmware.
Direct Drive, Supplied with an F1 Wheel, with Quick Change Wheel Hub, for Interchangeable wheels.
Inverted F1 style Pedals, with Load Cell, Hal effect sensors, no More Pots. New H pattern Shifter Optional, and Optional Hand Brake, and an optional Button Box.

The New McLaren-Honda Logitech Wheel Looks like a real Contender for Sim Racing.

Let's hope it's Priced right.. Sub $1000 US I hope.

disclaimer: this is my Idea of what a New Logitech product should be.
I'm guessing that they'll add a few orange stripes to the g29 wheel, slap a McLaren sticker on and charge one hundred bucks more for it.
I'm going to resist the urge to make a snarky comment and say that this could lead to some interesting collaborations. I want nothing more than to see McHonda become more competitive.
I saw the headline and immediately thought "Well there goes Logitech's famous reliability then" :sly:

...Well, either that or Mclaren are getting so desperate trying to find ways to improve their reliability that they're now going to start using bits of old DFGTs in their F1 cars.