Open Mid Field Raceway Masters

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    Hi guys, I'm seeing if there's any interest for an event at Mid Field I'd be keen to host sometime in the near future.. :sly:

    Here's the proposed layout. :dopey:

    -Practise (everyone joins, shakes down their cars, etc.)
    -Qualifying to determine grids for first race.
    -Race 1: 25 laps in 500pp cars, sports tyres.
    -Race 2: 25 laps in 600pp cars, racing tyres. Reverse grid from results of previous race.

    Other misc. details.. :p
    -Damage set to light
    -Fuel & tyre depletion set to very fast
    -At least two pit stops required each race
    -Tuning allowed (no NOS)
    -No boost
    -Slipstreaming set to real
    -Grip reduction at track edge set to real

    As I said, just an idea. If there's enough interest I'll host it sometime :D
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    VERY Interested! When theres Mid-Field, I'm in! :)
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