Open Mini championships

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    United States
    This sat I will be having 3 mini series or mini championships.These aren't too serious,just for fun
    Ferrari Challenge Series:5 Races
    Regulations:600hp/1200kg minimum
    Cars Eligable:F430/430 Scuderia/458 Italia

    Lamborghini V12 Super Trofeo Stradale:5 Races
    Regulations:700hp/1300kg minimum
    Cars Eligable:Diablo GT,Countach,Murcielago,

    NSX FESTIVAL:10 Races
    Regulations:450hp,no weight requirements
    Cars Eligable:All Street versions of the NSX except LM Road Car
    The lobby will open at 7pm EST,first races will start once i get a minimum of 6 racers.I run a clean room,if you are interested please drop on by
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