Mod car weak headlight problem - help needed

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South Africa
South Africa
Hi everyone,

I have just downloaded the superrace_stockcar_2021 mod of the new Toyota Supra and found that the headlights are extremely dim\weak. I've fiddled with the lights.ini file and tried values ranging from 10,10,10 to 500,500,500 and also deleted the extensions files for CSP but it doesn't matter what I do, the illumination of the headlights remains the same and stays too weak to use the car during night time and rainy conditions. I've also tried various csp and pure pp filters to test, but with no luck. When in the pits, I can see the pit wall light up (barely) when flashing the headlights or switching them on. I'm not a modding expert by any means, but I have messed about with ini files a bit for my own personal use.
Any ideas about what could possibly be the problem?
Thanks in advance
Try changing the values from RGB to something like


That last number being a multiplier

Are you editing the extension config or lights.ini?
I tried various settings in the extension file and from an exterior view, I can make it look like a supernova. From inside the car, it looks more like a single candle on a birthday cake...