[MOD] - Gran Turismo 2 Revival [WIP] (Based on GT6 Spec II) v0.6 released! (3-09))

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Melbourne, Australia
Greetings, from Australia.
This is now in a very early testing phase (having to learn how to mod the game thanks to Nenkai's documentation, however so far been successful with a revised concept of Gran Turismo 2's Sunday Cup.

I have always loved Gran Turismo 2 - I have vivid memories still to this day of coming home from school and spending hours on it, never completing homework. Haha.. Since GT6 mod progression has matured, I am looking to re-create all of GT2's races along with some added features for a little pizzazz.

Planned Features:
  • Including GT6 Spec II's modifications
  • An accurate representation of all of Gran Turismo 2's events and championships, wherever possible (Tracks, AI cars, standing starts, power limits)
  • Larger grid sizes (experimenting on this, looking to be 10 cars on earlier events, and 16 on later)
  • Full-length endurance races with tyre wear
  • Standing grid starts for most races
  • AI starting grid ordered by ascending power / PP figures in certain races
  • Experimenting with some options / values to make the (leading cars) stay on you at a reasonable pace
  • Many more One-Make races


03-09-21: Version 0.6
- Moved event into Novice Class > GT2 Revival Icon on right.
- Added Endurance Races Icon on Right
- Fixed some events having incorrect grid or AI car models

28-08-21: Verson 0.4 / 0.5
- Various bug fixes

23-08-21: Version 0.3
- Added all of Gran Turismo 2's Endurance races, updated to be compatible with 'b6' Spec II no cache mod.

22-08-21: Version 0.2
- Added three endurance races from GT2 (Daytona 100 Mile [Replaces Seattle Circuit], Trial Mountain 30 Laps, Rome Millenium 2 Hour) , along with two nations cup qualifiers (US, Japan)
- Endurances have weather however slightly broken at this point in time.

21-08-21: Version 0.1
- 'Line up 1' Special events from Gran Turismo 2 completed
-Sunday Cup, Clubman Cup, FF Challenge, FR Challenge, Midship Challenge, 4WD Challenge

- Nenkai - For their amazing work on The Spec II Mod
- TheAdmiester - For their amazing work on The Spec II Mod
- Reko - Daily Bonus Images for day 6-10, and some custom tracks.
- You, for taking the time to download, try out, test, enjoy my mod! a big thankyou ;D

Download: Version 0.3 updated (22-08-21)

WIP Screenshots:

screenshot-2021_08_21_15_22_38.png 2021-09-03 (1).png 2021-09-03 (2).png 2021-09-03.png

If anybody has suggestions, feature requests etc I am all ears, within my own abilities.
Thanks for taking a look!


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Pretty cool. I'm curious as to how your recreation of Red Rock Valley looks like. Never played the PS3-era installments myself but it's cool how they've been cracked open for modding.