Modding the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand

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    Argh! Lost a massive post trying to add media!

    TL;DR version below..

    NLR stand is great, and I like the sliding pedal deck & that the whole thing folds up easily.

    BUT the checkerplate is ugly & flexes, mounting holes aren’t great either. I need more adjustability, so more ease of mounting/moving pedals.

    Remove checkerplate:

    Got wood (600mm x 400mm x 18mm panel), with some L-brackets for the back.

    Countersunk bolts for the front:

    Mount the front:

    Mount the back:

    Test the pedals - I’ve drilled sets of 3 holes for the rear of the pedals, but I’ve got 4 different locations about 8 inches in total so they can be easily moved forwards or backwards (as well as the sliding deck):

    Sand and oil, then reassemble:

    Pedals mounted with 3 x M8 bolts at the back only, very solid with just these:

    Looking good:
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