Open MONDAYS - Elite Formula Gulf Championship

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    Race Control

    A1 - This championship will utilize a safety car/caution if needed. Cautions will be called when there is at least one car stopped or turned around because of an incident with another competitor and it results in damage. All cautions will be reviewed at the end of the race. If race control has decided that the incident did not merit a caution then the person who called the caution will be penalized. If race control feels as though a driver caused a caution on purpose to better their chances at success in the race they will be penalized.

    A2 - Cautions in the second half of a race will be called for accidents of 3 or more cars that result in damage. Any lapped cars involved will not be allowed to get their lap back - regardless of whether or not the accident was their fault.

    A3 - There will be no cautions in the last 5 laps of the race.

    B1 - If a driver has caused multiple incidents that were avoidable they will serve a green flag pass through pit lane. If the issue continues that driver will be kicked and banned for 1 race.

    B2 - If a driver is either jumping or causing contact on restarts it is in race controls discretion to either send the driver to the rear of the field or to restart from pit lane.

    C1 - The start of the race will be double file with the leader choosing the side he would like to start on. All restarts will be single file.

    C2 - Caution speed is 75 MPH unless race control decides otherwise.

    D1 - Any lapped cars must move over and slow down to allow faster lead lap cars to pass. If the lead lap car is .5 seconds behind you must allow the car to pass. If the lapped car catches and passes a lead lap car they can continue on.

    D2 - On the lap before a restart all drivers who are not on the lead lap will be allowed to get 1 lap back. When the leader hits the mark on the course selected by race control, the drivers who are down a lap or laps will be given room to accelerate and pass the leaders. If these drivers reach the back of the field before the restart they must slow to 65 MPH or will be forced to give their lap back.

    D3 - Any lapped car that makes contact with another car while making their way around for their lap will be disqualified.

    D4 - Lapped cars taking their lap back under caution must not advance their position under caution. They must start at the rear of the field. Even if you over take a car on pit road during a caution getting your lap back you must give the position back to them unless they are a lapped car as well.

    E1 - Car "resets" are not to be used unless a vehicle is upside down, or stuck on a wall or object for a minimum of 5 seconds. Any car caught resetting without meeting the criteria just explained will be disqualified from the race. This rule is in place because avoiding damage is unfair, and a car appearing on track can disrupt other drivers.

    E2 - Any car using a reset is responsible for making sure the track is clear, if a driver resets in front of another car and causes that driver to lose time or crash as a result, the incident will be reviewed and a penalty for the resetting car will be assessed based on severity.

    F1 - In the event of an incident on track, the driver at fault is required to admit fault, If no one admits fault, or it isn`t agreed upon by all drivers involved that it was a racing incident without blame, all drivers involved will be penalized. A post race review of the incident will then take place, and the driver found at fault will receive a stiff penalty.

    F2 - If a driver leaves a race in which they`ve been blamed for multiple incidents that they haven`t owned up too, the replay will be reviewed, and if the drivers making the claim are wrecked by a ghost car, the driver that left will be suspended one race. You have 12 hours from the end of the race to message chadbaseball15, Dark_Redslayer or krobs and admit fault, in the event that you did not leave the race by choice. After 12 hours all penalties are final.

    F3 - List of Penalties (Per Race) - First incident, warning or put to rear before restart. Second incident, driver will restart from pits, or pass through pit road under green if it is the 2nd half of the race. Third incident, driver is parked for the remainder of the race. 0 points if the driver leaves the lobby.

    F4 - Reviews - Reviews will be done by third party unbiased officials who are not entered in the league.


      • A 10 minutes Qualifying session will set the field for race 1.
      • Race 2 will be set by the results of race 1 inverted.
      • Race 3 will be set by your average finishing position in the first two races.

      • Each race will be be set to last 20 minutes.
      • There will be no cautions called after the 7 minute mark of the race.
      • This series will utilize the Elite Racing League rules for cautions, penalties, and proper racing etiquette. Please ask if you want to be sent a copy.

      • Points will be given to finishing positions 1-16 as posted below.
    1st - 20

    2nd - 17

    3rd - 15

    4th - 13

    5th - 12

    6th - 11

    7th - 10

    8th - 9

    9th - 8

    10th - 7

    11th - 6

    12th - 5

    13th - 4

    14th - 3

    15th - 2

    16th - 1

      • 1 point will be awarded to the driver who earns pole position in race 1.
      • 1 point will be awarded to the driver with the fastest lap in the race.
      • The top 5 averaging finishers in the three races will receive the following points. If there is a tie the tie breaker will be the drivers starting position for race 1.
    1st - 5

    2nd - 4

    3rd - 3

    4th - 2

    5th - 1


    1. Monza Short

    2. Dubai International

    3. Brands Hatch Indy

    4. Oulton Park Full Course

    5. Donington Park Short Course

    6. Azure Coast

    7. Snetterton 200

    8. Sonoma Nascar Course

    9. Silverstone National

    10. Watkins Glen Short Course



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    Race Day!
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    Race Day!
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    Is there a race tomorrow/is there an open spot?
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    Yes sir! Message me on PSN: chadbaseball15
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    Can I join you guys?
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    Of course! Send me a PSN message!