Monitor troubles with GTS? Help needed.

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Hi all,

Back in March I bought a sim rig set up and purchased a Philips Momentum 436m6 43” gaming/console monitor. The monitor is 4K UHD HDR 1000 and got a decent review with a general 4/5 score. I’m also using the PS4 pro.

The problem I have is when watching replay’s back on GT Sport. The tires on the cars don’t seem to be driving very well on the track, where the bottom part of the black tire meets the grey tarmac on the track doesn’t look good. It looks kind of blurry and sometimes the tire blends into the track. Certain parts of the replay can look great but the majority of a lap will have this kind of blur effect with the tyres and tarmac and almost looks like the car is floating and not driving on the road surface. I like to watch replays back and also like to showcase the replays and show them to others, so this aspect is important to me.
I watch other people’s replays on YT and they look perfect and the cars really do look like the wheels/tires are driving on track. I have changed between prioritise frame rate and prioritise quality and for all it looked a little better on the quality setting the problem still persists.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem. Am I not doing something right with other settings? Would I of been better off getting a 4K UHD HDR tv?

Any help/advice is much appreciated,
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It's only during replays? Have you tried doing a test upload to see if the issue transfers over through the compression? A 43" UHD monitor is going to have a higher density pixel arrangement over something like a 65" TV. Monitors as a general rule have higher refresh rates as well that cuts down on unintended blurring an aliasing. You might just be noticing far cleaner deviations between the road and tire that aren't normally visible on a typical TV.
Try doing a test run where the effect is very noticable, then upload it to youtube using your normal methods and see what the result is.
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