Monster Energy Supercross 4

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Well Milestone at it again Monster Energy Supercross 4 is out and it's like complaining about rain being wet. Ok game let down by the same Milestone issues as all their games
  1. Inconsistent un-motorcycle like control
  2. Changed physics again and not for the better. Unlike say GT or even Call of Duty where you can jump in a feel at home right away because the games are familiar. Milestone changes the handling every year.
  3. Stupid game design and progression system.
  4. Terrible AI
  5. Why no option for practice sessions? Don't understand why this was removed. If people don't want to run it just don't select it
  6. More or less same content as previous years.......So Alpinestars gave you their license except for their top line Tech 10 boots? Wait they will probably be a $20 DLC

The main problem I have with this game is the new career. I'm sorry but the futures feature is stupid. More so given the game/progression design. For starters again EVERYTHING is way overpriced. And the only way to earn credit quickly is through Career which is locked up with this futures/rookie/pro crap. There is no option to skip it. You can't just go straight to Pro 450 if that's all you're interested in. You aren't allowed to select your ride gear of choice at the beginning of the game so the grind starts immediately. The problem is the handling and AI is terrible so the grind is beyond tedious. So now add a system where you have to earn skills. To me dumb dumb dumb. One thing to have to earn an upgraded better performing bike but to have to earn cornering or starting skills?!?!! When the price for everything is far too high and the payouts are far to low having to pay half your earning for healing is stupid. Yes healing. So riders get injured...apparently even if you don't crash. It's just a bad idea that's executed in a piss poor manner.

Looking for ruts? Forget about it. The whip/scrub controls are still strange and lacking and make trying to corner realistically (with body lean) a crap shoot. Because body movement shares the same controls as whip/scrub, if you're in a corner and hit a small bump and leave contact with the ground the controls switch to whip/scrub mode and obviously you crash. So it' the same mess over and over.

The first SX game wasn't perfect but it's the best of them. Typical fashion Milestone makes every game worse than the previous version. Would say I'm disappointed but my expectations were pretty low to begin with and they still managed not to meet that. Runs smoothly on the PS5 but really doesn't look anything special.